April 28, 2014

What a whirlwind weekend we had around the Stagg household.  We finished our living room, and Saturday was spent shooting and documenting and breathing again.  Phew!  And now that it’s done it’s amazing how much it has completely transformed our house.  I can’t wait to share it all this week.

Today I’m taking you back to the deck and sharing more about a cute little nook involving a nifty wicker chair and accent table/stool I picked up at a thrift store.

Wicker chairs are everywhere, my friends.  I spot them nearly every time I go to a thrift store and they are cheap.  By cheap, I mean $5-$10.  Some of them are very Palm Beach retirement community/Golden Girls but more often than not, they are oozing with potential and awesomely versatile.  Take this guy for example:

chair 10

I wanted to add some texture and depth to my deck to mix up the metal dining table.  This chair and a coordinating wicker accent table did just the trick.  But they needed a little repair work.

chair 13

Wicker chairs are usually wrapped at the legs and if they’re at a thrift store, the chance are pretty high that wrapping has come loose.  Not to fret.  It’s easily fixed.

chair 8

chair 9

chair 6

I used some Liquid Nails glue from the hardware store to hold it back together.  Glue, wrap, glue some more, wrap some more.  Then use some electrical or painter’s tape to hold it in place until it’s good and dry.  And there you go.  Good as new and ready for a fur throw, a darling pillow, and a corner to sit in.

chair 4


chair 2

In the right space, a groovy wicker chair looks great indoors as well.  A fur throw (this one is from Ikea) makes a wicker chair not only comfortable, but also feel more luxurious.  They add interest and style to any space.  And the little table (I think it may technically be a stool, but for me, I say table) is so cute with a tray and some fresh flowers.

So I say rescue a wicker chair.  Go ahead, I give you permission to take one home today.  Just don’t go get a Blanche haircut.

You can check out the deck reveal, the DIY cement planters next to aforementioned wicker chair, and the finishing touch deck details if you haven’t already.

Jam packed week of projects and reveals ahead!  And have you entered the pillow giveaway yet?  Ya’ll don’t wanna miss it!

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  1. Lisa says:

    I can’t wait to see how you refinished the deck! Is it a dark brown or dark gray solid stain? I want to do this to my deck and I am so interested to see how you did this! Can’t wait!

  2. Brandi says:

    Looks darling! I just bought a really nice wicker set off of craigslist. I paid too much I am afraid, but it was a very expensive set when it was new (bought from an estate sale), and it weighs a ton! it has some serious unraveling issues and some even appears to be snapped in half (most looks like your pic though). I can’t figure out how I would use the glue without it getting everywhere especially on the shorter pieces. Would you mind telling me exactly how you went about it if you get a free moment?

    Also, I purchased another wicker set off of CL which is called Farrallon Bistro Set from Williams Sonoma (in case u need an idea of what it looks like to answer my question). I originally purchased to put in our bedroom, which I may still do, but I also thought about putting in our breakfast nook. The problem is it only has two chairs which are quite big so I would need to add one or two more chairs for it to work in there. I don’t want to add two more of the same chair bc they are very expensive and they are large. Do you have any suggestions of what kind of material would mix well with the wicker chairs? If you think it will look tacky, I will just go with the original plan.

    Thanks for any advice you can give. me! No worries, if you are too busy! Love your blog!

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