Project Desert Escape: Design Beginnings

March 3, 2020

Every Stagg Design project has its beginnings. A starting place for our design process, long before the finished product and pretty, pin-worthy pictures. Because homes– and the people they belong to– are so important to our design process, today I’m sharing the backstory of our latest installation, Project Desert Escape, before we launch into a project’s reveal.

Nestled in the cliffs in Southern Utah, our clients longed for a refuge from the snow from up North. Originally, they were looking for a small home and we started the process of designing a new construction condo from the ground up.

Our team spent many months working closely with the builder, selecting every finish and furnishing for the condo, which was roughly 1,800 sq ft. We were all really excited to see it coming together at last, and couldn’t wait to get install scheduled. But during the building process, our clients ran into some serious problems with the contractor and just as the condo was close to completion, they ultimately were forced to pull out from the property, walk away, and we all had to start from scratch.

It was devastating for all of us to scrap the plans we had been working on for so long, especially given what a labor intensive process it was to get it right. Now on the bright side: going through the process gave our clients a chance to reevaluate their priorities with a second home and they decided to think bigger. Much, much bigger.

They started house hunting and this time around, fell in love with a community that overlooked the city. They had waited so long the first time around for the construction process to be complete, they didn’t want to have to wait for another home to be built from the ground up, so opted for a remodel instead. Enter Project Desert Escape.

They purchased a home in the community they had their eye on and we started fresh. The bones of the home, the views, the location, the pool, it checked all the right boxes. The previous homeowners had invested a lot into the finishes and furnishings, however, it wasn’t at all the vibe and esthetic we all wanted. Instead of a new build, we now had a remodel project to design and furnish. Our clients purchased the home fully furnished, which in theory sounds great, but in practice we had to rethink everything.

Back to the condo, remember how I mentioned we had already ordered all of the furnishings? Those had all been delivered and were in a storage facility, waiting for us to have them delivered. Luckily, it was all beautiful and fit what we wanted to accomplish in the new home, but it also presented some challenges.

We now were designing for a 7,000 sq. ft. home, planning a remodel, and we needed to figure out what could be repurposed from the original home, as well as incorporate what we could from the condo’s design. Remotely. On an insane timeline. We had our work cut out for us.

Excited to hear more about Project Desert Escape and get to the reveal? Us too. And more news: we have some really great product launches in SD Shop that you’ll see in action in Project Desert Escape.

Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun next few weeks!

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