The Lone Unfinished Stagg Reno Room: The Laundry Room

January 25, 2021

Here we are. 5 years after renovating and moving into Stagg Reno, our 1970 midcentury ranch renovation, and we’re finally getting around to finishing our laundry room! I know, I know. Laundry rooms are a huge part of life. You use them practically every day, you’re saying aloud to me while reading this. Why would you leave this room until now?

Well, it’s simple. Other rooms were just higher on the priority list. It’s in the basement, no one saw it but us (we hope!) and the washer and dryer were hooked up so we made it work. And made it work. And boom, it’s been 5 years and we’re still making it work.

But no more! It is time for us to finish this baby up and create a laundry space I actually want to spend time in! First, some before photos from the day we closed on the house. A bit of a time warp.

A little background refresh on Stagg Reno: our home was built in 1970, the owners passed away and it sat vacant for 8 whole years before we purchased it. Everything was original, untouched– eerily so– as if the inhabitants still lived there (still some food in a few of the cabinets). The laundry room was gutted, then re-drywalled and painted, and also got a new window. We added a storage room entry door on one side of the room, so we never lived with it looking like this. It was more like an empty, unfinished, but fresh clean slate.

After rewiring/plumbing the house, insulating (the house had no insulation in the basement and it was sooooo cold), and replacing the windows, we dry-walled this baby back up, hooked up our washer and dryer, and that’s how we’ve been doing laundry for the past five years.

I had ideas for a clean, minimalist, earthy-vibe space that was above all hard working. This isn’t a huge room so we really need it to be smart, functional, and creative. Since a lot of our clothing is hang dry (workout clothes, school uniforms, really like 90% of my wardrobe), we needed a lot of places to hang dry without needing a freestanding rack in the middle of the room.

We didn’t give ourselves a specific budget for the laundry room, but instead just wanted it to be basically as inexpensive as it could be without compromising style and function. I had to adjust plans a little but I’m really happy with where we landed.

Be sure to follow me on instagram (@jenniferstagg) because I’ll be sharing a lot of the process on stories! It’s a great example of a small style packed space without spending a fortune!

Happy Monday! Cheers to the week ahead.

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