Our Favorite Vintage Inspired Home Items

June 23, 2022

Incorporating vintage pieces into a home can help bring a sense of charm to an otherwise standard space. Things like vintage art, furniture pieces, or trinkets tend to have a timeless appeal that can be hard to replicate. Sourcing traditional antiques can take a bit of time and patience. Flea markets, vintage shops, and second-hand stores are great places to find authentic vintage pieces, but if you are hoping to get the same look without the hassle you can find vintage-inspired home goods with a little bit of digging!

Vintage and antique pieces are a must-have if you are trying to steer clear of an overly modernized look. Mixing vintage-inspired decor with more modern and new-age elements will help your home have a cohesive design. One of the things that makes a home feel luxurious is incorporating a variety of different styles to create a unique design.

Wall art can make a huge difference in the feel of a home. Art is one of the simplest ways to start incorporating the vintage look into your design. We are big fans of vintage art and love the warmth and character it brings into a space! To make vintage art more accessible and affordable, we created our very own Vintage Artwork Collection. Each piece is perfectly imperfect and has been carefully curated by our Stagg Design team. Read more about why we love our vintage art prints for any style of home here!

Places like table tops and built-ins are the perfect space to house fun vintage finds like wooden bowls, candle sticks, and unique vases! Online shops like Etsy and Amazon have some amazing vintage-inspired finds for a price that can’t be beat! When shopping for vintage look-alikes focus on items that look a bit weathered and rustic. These characteristics help age a piece and give it that antique feel.

It is important to not rush to finish any space. Take time to curate your home decor pieces and only purchase things that you love and that feel like your home. Start small with a few vintage-inspired goods mixed in here and there and over time you will start to develop a unique collection of items that feels personal to you and your style!

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