Master Bedroom Makeover

June 23, 2020

Amidst the chaos of what’s happening worldwide, I’ve been sitting on some exciting news and can finally share it with all of you: our master bedroom makeover. It feels a bit bizarre to be celebrating something when there is so much chaos happening all around, but I do believe we need to see the good and celebrate the wins during this turbulent time, and this is a big win for us.

Earlier this year we gave our Master Bedroom at the Stagg Reno a makeover in collaboration with Sherwin Williams, Better Homes & Gardens, and Real Simple. Later this week I’ll share the behind the scenes of our shoot with them, but today I’m excited to share our bedroom makeover with you, which is featured in the current April Edition of Better Homes and Gardens, and in a digital spread for Real Simple.

I used the Colorsnap Color ID Quiz and determined I am a Nurturer. They give you a complete color palette that is easily mixed and matched. This palette was right up my ally. It is earthy and has a mix of light and dark neutrals. I chose Sensible Hue for my bedroom walls, and Iron Ore for a vintage dresser we gave a refresh. It worked perfectly with our Stagg Design Anna Floral pillow in 18×56, and our Brume pillows in 24×24. We also hung our Fern 1 & Fern 2 art prints which added some contrast.

We added some moulding details to the walls before painting, added some new furniture and pillows, and it’s amazing the difference. It feels soothing and fresh and sophisticated.

The power of color never ceases to amaze me. It can instantly transform a room, stir emotions, set you at ease or energize you.

Later this week in addition to sharing all about the shoot, I’m going to share all of the space details, so watch for more! We also have a fresh SD Packaged Design for a bedroom inspired by mine and it’s gooooood. I think this time at home is the perfect time to focus on how you can make it a sanctuary and place of peace from the outside world. Wishing you all health and safety.

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