The Plan for Anna & Vivie’s Rooms at Stagg Mountain Modern

May 5, 2022

Not every room will be finished when we move into Stagg Mountain Modern. In fact, much of the house will be what’s called “white boxed”, or have white painted sheetrock, flooring, and simple finishes until we make them a priority. Anna and Vive’s bedrooms fall into this category, so I’ve come up with a soft launch, if you will, to help them feel right at home once we move in, without having their spaces completely designed from top to bottom. Today I’m sharing the game plan, and it involves their past rooms in Stagg Reno.

Before we jump into plans, be sure to check out what they looked like “before” we started the renovation. Wow, those are some special paint choices, amirite?

This is Anna’s room at Stagg Reno and it was so airy and lovely. For her new room phase 1 at Stagg Mountain Modern, some of the furniture pieces will be incorporated, including her headboard and bedding. The style isn’t quite right for the new house, but it will be fine until we are ready to really dive into her space and make it her own.

The vintage dresser we painted a dark green that was in her last bedroom will not be coming over. I already ordered her a new one with a bit more space, and it should arrive before we move in.

As for her nightstands, we are going to give her the nightstands from our last primary suite. Again, not a perfect combination but it will be great for the short term and she will feel special having pieces that belonged to Jon and me.

Moving over to Vivie’s room, she is getting upgraded to Ruby’s old full-sized bed. It’s a coral pink and will go great with the furnishings from the old nursery.

She also has a dresser upgrade, that arrived shortly before we moved, so we will be using that in her new room.

In our rental, she is using her daybed from her old room, but I think she will be really excited about a bigger, fancier bed

Anna and Vivie have side by side “twin” rooms in the new house. They are the same size and shape and mirror each other. I’m excited for the challenge of making their rooms uniquely them in the next phase of designing our home. Until then, using what they already have in a new way will be a fun challenge, and also help them feel right at home.

Are you all caught up on Stagg Mountain Modern? We have a whole section of the site dedicated to our new Post-Modern project. You can dive into each space and see all of the before shots, plus our groovy photo shoot.

Now tell me, which room are you most excited to see transform?

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