Stagg Mountain Modern: Plans for the Exterior

July 1, 2021

So, big week! We officially handed off the keys to Stagg Reno to the new owners last night and now it’s full steam ahead on Stagg Mountain Modern! After we unpack and get settled in our rental, that is. We aren’t wasting any time launching into sharing the plans for it, settled or not.

Did you check out the “before” of the exterior and yard (there’s a webisode too!)? I dived deeper into what it looks like now, before we launch into demo and construction. Can you see the potential?? I’ve loved hearing what you think about our new home. Today I’m sharing some ideas and plans for the exterior and yard and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

Ok, let’s break this baby down, shall we? Starting with the brick.

Brick Color

The current brick on the home is currently a cream color. I know that changing the color will be a big transformation and greatly impact the home, as it’s 99% brick. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t want to go white. I love white brick homes, but it feels like a bandwagon right now, and I tend to push against trendy design choices. I don’t ever want to make a design choice based on what’s popular in a moment. Instead, I go to the roots of what the home was meant to be.

But as I tried my hardest to envision the brick all kinds of colors, I kept coming back to white lime wash. It just feels like this house is meant to be white! I reserve the right to change my mind, but I just can’t see it any other way. I love the richness and texture lime wash adds, rather than just a standard paint, so that’s where we are heading right now. What do you think??? This is probably the biggest decision with the home’s exterior and I don’t want to get it wrong.

Frankly, it’s a little hard to see the whole home yet, but once we clear out some of the trees I’ll be able to solidify a decision on the brick color. What’s your vote??

Landscaping Direction

Next let’s talk landscaping. This yard is quite large, by our standards. We’ve never lived in a home with a yard this big. It’s just under an acre, and I want to use every square inch of it wisely.

The home is set close to the center of the lot, so the front yard is huge. I have a pretty clear vision for the front yard, and want it to feel like a peaceful flower garden with places for the girls to run and play, areas to entertain if we want to, and I want a path that goes around the perimeter of the entire property for walks, scootering, riding bikes, and using imaginations.

Because we’re on the mountainside, we’ll need to terrace the yard out with a few different levels. I want clean lines and manicured landscaping, especially because it’s such a mess there currently. Did I mention I saw a massive snake in the backyard recently??? Yeah… no snake nests please.

Black Windows

Every window and exterior door needs to be replaced, and I already know we’re going black. I love the black windows we did on Stagg Reno (if you remember, we painted them!) but there are SO many more options now. I have a lot of research ahead of me, as companies have really upped their game in their offerings in the past few years. Steel? Fiberglass? Not sure yet. If you have a favorite window company, I’d love to hear about them!

Steel Pergola

The front of the home features a large brick pergola. It’s in disrepair, and feels kind of heavy for the front of the house, but I love the idea of a pergola there.

It’s adjacent to the formal dining room and I want it to feel like an extension of the entertaining space. Plus a bonus I’m crossing my fingers for– once we clear out some trees we should have some stunning views across the Salt Lake Valley from this spot. I want to lighten up the structure by going clean and minimalist with a steel pergola, which will also make the posts thinner therefore maximizing the views.

Gated Property Entrance

Back to my ideas of making the front yard usable play and entertaining space, we want to fence the front yard and add a gate. I want it to feel private and the home sits up on a hill, so we will be able to have privacy and still accomplish curb appeal without it feeling too secluded.

I love the idea of an arbor, a magical feeling gate entrance, sort of like you’re walking into a modern secret garden.

Grand Front Door

I’m wavering back and forth right now between a glass and steel front door, and a minimalist wood front door, like the one pictured above. I love the idea of the light, but I also want to add some warmth and break up the brick with some wood. What’s your vote? Go light with glass, or go statement with wood?

Still a lot to decide out here, but this gives us a really good starting point. What do you think about the direction so far?

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  1. Annie says:

    I love the wood door for the very reasons you mentioned! We recently had our Windsor windows installed, and we love them. They’re beautiful and function really well, and I love that the pine interiors can be painted whatever color we want, including room by room to match the aesthetic, and repainted later if we want. That said, we used a lot of casement and exterior gridded windows, so the transitional/traditional style is very different than what you’re doing, but still, we have been so pleased with the quality.

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