Stagg Reno Backyard Play Set

June 22, 2021

I get a lot of questions about the playground in the backyard of Stagg Reno. Truth be told, we had more plans for this spot than we got around to before we decided to sell, so the scope of the project was adjusted. We are still happy with where we landed with it, even though it’s not quite what we originally envisioned.

First, let’s back up to how we got here. I get a lot of questions about what set we have. This exact set isn’t sold anymore but this one is really similar.

A few words of wisdom on assembling the play set: it will take you much, much longer than you think it will. They aren’t a quick project that will take you just a few hours. But worth it! Our girls LOVE playing out here!

I wanted to give our set a more modern direction, so we had plans to paint it black, remove the white windows and build our own, and build a custom front door. We adjusted those plans to get our home ready to sell, as we included the play set in the sale. We wanted to mimic some of the patterns around our home, so we designed a paver and pebble walkway, similar to the one on our side yard, to lead to the play set.

The pavers were really inexpensive– such a pleasant surprise! You can get them in 16 x 16 in, or 12 x 12 in, depending on what you need. We went with river rock pebbles, because I wanted them to be smooth on little feet. Bonus, the pebbles are really beautiful and the girls are always finding “special gems” in the rocks. Tip: plan on needed a lot more pebbles than you think you will. We had to go back for more.

If you follow me on instagram (@jenniferstagg) you know we went around and around on what to put under the play set. I knew I didn’t want mulch or rubber mulch. I could just see how messy it would get, and how throwing mulch would become a game. Just my kids?

We looked into artificial grass, which I still think would have been a great option, but because our set butts right up against our real grass, we (mostly Jon) was concerned you would be able to see a big difference between the two. Valid point. Because of that, we went with continuing the real grass, but using these heavy duty playground mats under the swings, and at the bottom of the slides. They were the PERFECT solution. I am sooooo happy with how they function and look. We just mow right around it and they are totally fine with the sprinklers.

Here’s how it all started to look once we laid down the grass and it all filled in.

An unexpected (and awesome) surprise when we sold our home– the new buyers’ children have outgrown play set stage and they said we could take it with us when we move. We think we’ve found a spot for it at our rental home that will get us through the next year while we work on the #staggmountainmodern (our next home!). It was so very kind of them! Eventually I still want to paint it and make a few more of the modifications we had planned originally, but that will wait until we move into our new home a year from now. We move this week into the rental house, and moving this play set it going to get interesting!

What other questions do you have about the play set? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll reply!

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  1. Christine Bryner Anderson says:

    How lovely to take the set with you. How in the world did you move the playset? What an endeavor

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