Project Desert Escape Guest Suite Reveal

May 12, 2020

A guest room so inviting you’ll never want to leave. That was our goal when designing every bedroom in Project Desert Escape. We didn’t want the rooms to just feel like spare bedrooms, but instead to feel like intentional suites where a guest would feel at home instantly. Today I’m sharing one of those guest suites which is on the lower level of the home.

I haven’t shared many before photos of this home because it’s clear the home owners had hired a professional designer and while it wasn’t my taste, or the taste of my clients, I want to be sensitive to the time and effort that was put into it. However, this room is one I want to share because the before/after is so dramatic.

When we started working on this remodel, this room was one of the most bizarre. It had a purple, sort of three-dimensional looking wallpaper that messed with the inner-workings of your brain. It also had some weird sconces that resembled gum balls that were placed asymmetrically on the wall. It’s hard to tell in the photos, but the wallpaper pattern hurt your eyes when you looked at it. I can’t get into the mind of the person who thought all of that was going to be awesome, so I’ll just stay out of it and focus on the serene, relaxing space we created.

We replaced everything in this space, starting with the wallpaper. We instead went with a calming, simple pattern with a neutral pattern.

The leather platform bed has a very low profile, so we wanted a grand piece of artwork on the wall. The desert landscape feels like an extension of the views out the window.

Be sure to check out the other revealed spaces and webisodes from Project Desert Escape! It’s one of my favorite places to get lost, even if just via the web.

Our team is finishing up a new build installation this week. Watch @staggdesign for all the behind the scenes! And if you need a good listen, our most recent Heart of the Home Podcast episode is a goodie. I interview Cali Carlin Sorenson, founder of Commemo and veteran journalist, about her historic California home and how she feels like it was meant to be.

Happy… what day is it again? Regardless, congrats on making it through another day of homeschool, mamas!

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