Our Favorite Water & Ice Solutions For in The Home

August 27, 2021

One thing we knew we couldn’t give up when we moved out of Stagg Reno and into a rental was our filtered water dispenser. We went to the effort of purchasing a brand new fridge with a filtered water dispenser for our rental so that we could continue to have cold filtered water at all times. While it may seem silly to some, this is something we use ALL the time. Jon and our girls are continually filling up water bottles, especially during the summer months when schedules are crazy and everyone is on the go! We knew it was something that would make our life in the rental easier and create a smoother transition for our family. Because we feel so passionately about this we wanted to round up a few of our favorite water and ice solutions for in the home! The options are endless and there is something for every price point so that you can get the right fit for your lifestyle.

Mill Haven Homes

Built In Water Fountain / Water Bottle Station

First up we have the built-in water fountain option. This is great for families with children running around because it creates a space for kids to grab a quick drink on the go. Built-in drinking fountains are typically seen in spaces like mudrooms and when done right can look intentional for the space and not like an eyesore in the center of the room! We love drinking fountain options that have a space to fill water bottles. It allows for cold filtered water at all times of the day and eliminates the hassle of fitting a water bottle into a small fridge dispenser!

Built In Ice Maker

One item that can take your home to the next level is a built-in ice machine. There is truly nothing quite like a cold beverage in fresh pebble ice. This simple addition will impress anyone and everyone who comes to your home and will have you refilling your drink all day long. Built-in ice makers make a world of difference and are one of my top recommendations when designing a kitchen. They can be built in to look identical to the cabinetry or be purchased in various different finishes to fit right into your kitchen design. They are great for families that are always entertaining because you will have ice on hand at all times and won’t have to use up what the fridge produces.

Filtered Water Faucet

The ideal solution for those who don’t have space for a built-in drinking fountain is to have a filtered water faucet installed directly into your kitchen sink! This is typically a pretty cost-efficient and non-intrusive way to get filtered water on the spot. Places like Home Depot sell sets that include a filtered water faucet and a regular faucet head at a fairly low cost. All you need is to have the water line hooked up and the faucet installed into your countertop!

Our last suggestion for filtered water is to purchase a Brita pitcher! Just fill your Brita up with tap water and set it in the fridge and you will have cold filtered water in no time! This is a great quick fix and works well for smaller families. Just remember to fill it up when it gets low! Below we have sourced a few of our favorite home water and ice solutions that are perfect to add to any home. Browse the products below to get a variety of both high and low options!

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