Designing Spaces That Always Feel Like Home ft. Mary Conley

April 22, 2020

The team at Stagg Design firmly believes that every house deserves to feel like a home, and every person deserves that peaceful feeling that being in your favorite space can bring. Achieving that balance can be especially difficult if you have to move often and without much warning. That’s the reality today’s guest and her family are all too familiar with. Mary Conley is a blogger, influencer, mom of two (soon to be three!), and wife to NBA star Mike Conley. About a year ago, they all got the news that Mike was being traded from the Memphis Grizzlies to the Utah Jazz. That meant they didn’t have much time to pack up their home in Tennessee and find a new place to live in Salt Lake City. In this episode, Mary shares how she creates that feeling of home no matter where her family is staying, plus she’s dishing on what life is like when her husband has to spend so much time on the road.

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