Introducing SD Packaged Design

March 6, 2020

Stagg Design is a full-service interior design firm. We work intimately with our clients, really get to know them, and create custom designs that share who they are through their homes. Our team pines over the details, spends hours carefully installing homes, and we know that kind of care sets our team apart. But full-service design isn’t for everyone. Working with a full-service design firm is a luxury not everyone can afford. I firmly believe that having a home you love, however, is something everyone deserves.

For many years, I’ve wanted to offer a solution for these types of clients. Interior design and creating beautiful homes is a lot of work, which is why hiring a design firm is an important investment. A while back I had an idea to do a space design, tied up with a bow, that the client could put together themselves with guidance. We tested the waters with Carli Williams’ Bathroom Design. Carli is a remote client and asked us to design her bathroom and put together a complete design, while she managed the project and installation. We then offered her bathroom design for a fee, and the response was huge. We’ve received requests for other design packages, and we’ve been working out how best to offer this service. Enter SD Packaged Design.

Starting today, we’ll begin releasing new Packaged Designs. These packages come with everything you need to put a space together yourself: design boards, color guides, paint selections, furnishings, finishes, hardware, lighting, layout and floor plan options, and here’s something really unique, professional drawings, mockups, and instructions for millwork, tile work, built-ins, moulding, and more. These packages represent hours and hours of work by our team, and they are really exceptional. I believe they’re a great option for someone who wants doesn’t have the budget for full-service design, but still wants a professionally designed home.

You can click here to access SD Packaged Design. Each package has a breakdown and description of what’s included so you can make sure it fits with your home and style. We have a brand new packaged design dropping today and it’s a good one: a family room design with everything you’ll need to put together a space our team is all swooning over.

The packaged designs we have in the pipeline are real good, and we can’t wait to hear what you think! Watch for packages tackling everything from living rooms to kitchens, to complete home designs and beyond.

Living in a home that is not only beautiful but suits your needs and feeds your soul is our number one goal at Stagg Design. Thank you, as always, for supporting our budding business! Trusting us with your most important places is a responsibility we take to heart.

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We're a full-service design firm and home furnishings shop built around the philosophy that a well-designed home should be beautiful, personal, cohesive, and complete. We think home is the most important place on the planet and when you live in a home that is perfectly you, it changes your life. Don't believe us? Stick around. We're confident we'll change your mind.

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