The Exterior “Before” at Stagg Mountain Modern

June 28, 2021

We’re still up to our necks in boxes over here at our rental home after moving this weekend. Everyone is tired of eating out and we can’t find anything. Moving (sigh), amiright?? We are next level exhausted from dramatically moving up our timeline getting Stagg Reno ready for the new owners. Their cross-country moving truck is several days ahead of schedule and we’re pushing hard to meet the sudden change in deadline. I could be unpacking the mountains of boxes, but instead I’m eager to start the “before” reveals over at Stagg Mountain Modern. Getting settled will have to wait. We’re diving into the good stuff.

So here’s what you can expect as I share each space: I’ll show you the details of the “before” then later in the week I’ll share what the rough plans are for that space. There is a lot to share with this home, and the renovation will be phased over years, so I hope you’re ready to get invested.

I love a good before/after, don’t you? It never ceases to amaze me how dramatically a home can change throughout a project. Sometimes it takes really digging into the details and documenting what a home was like prior to a renovation. So today we start doing just that, beginning with the exterior and yard of Stagg Mountain Modern.

Let’s start with the video tour, then I’ll get into some more of the details:

Now that you have a good overview, I’ll give you some closer looks.

You’re probably thinking wait, all I see is a door. Yep, the property has a lot a lot a lot of trees. I’m laughing to myself here because these photos were taken before the yard had fully bloomed for the season. It’s even more grown in now.

The front yard is quite large. A steep staircase leads to a brick patio with planters in deep disrepair.

There is a large pergola on the front of the home with a brick patio.

I have to keep stopping myself from sharing all of our ideas for each space– you’ll have to wait until Thursday for some of those! But I promise it will be worth the wait. I also felt like it was too much to share befores and plans all in the same post. But I digress…

Did I mention there are a lot fo trees? There is a good portion the home you can’t even see (or walk to) because of all of the trees and weeds. Heading to the back of the home…

The back of the house has a lot of large windows, but it also has a lot of weird angles. Instead of nice, clean lines, it has a lot of back and forth which creates some wasted space. Then there’s the circular staircase and window feature, which many of you had VERY strong feelings about on instagram.

The backyard itself is more like a forest than a yard. It’s massively overgrown.

It’s a bit difficult to tell from these photos, but we have a lot of retaining wall work ahead of us. The walls that are there are wood and very unstable. The trees have sprouted up shoots that have turned into more trees and so on, which all needs to be removed and rethought. Some of it is such a bummer– several of the trees are beautiful! But they’ve all been growing wild for so long, they’re growing on top of each other.

This spot is kind of like a back patio behind the garage. We have some MAJOR plans for this space!

What questions do you have about the exterior? We’ll be talking a lot about it this week here and on instagram! Follow along on @jenniferstagg for more #staggmountainmodern !

Now, back to unpacking which at this rate might be done before we move again in a year. Send the good vibes over– I need them!

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