January 6, 2021

Finding Inspiration in the World Around Us ft. Stephen Orr

There are people you meet in your life who find the positive in every situation. The guest on this episode of Heart of the Home Podcast is one of them. Stephen Orr is Editor-in-Chief of Better Homes and Gardens magazine. As the head of one of America’s most storied brands, he finds himself in the unique position of preserving tradition while also forging ahead with new concepts and ideas. Stephen grew up in small town America, eventually leaving home to chase his dreams in New York City. Now he finds himself bridging the gap between the city and BH&G headquarters in Iowa. That’s how he’s spent much of his life, building connections with everyone he meets, while sharing his signature charm and love of the world’s natural beauty. It’s a formula we can all use to make our lives and homes a bit more authentic and interesting.

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