Project Desert Escape: Home Theatre

May 19, 2020

If there is one thing Jon dreams of in our home, it’s a theatre. The man loves movies almost as much as he loves his daughters. Date night? Movie. Find ourselves with a rare afternoon alone? Movie. Family night plans? Movie! That deep love of the theatre experience and my aversion to germy crowded public theatres (even long before coronavirus) has a home theatre at the tippy-top of his dream home list. And Project Desert Escape has a home theatre worthy of Jon’s envy that I’m so excited to share with you today.

Because this home was a remodel project, there were some things we had to work with that in a perfect world we would have been able to change. The sofas in this space were one of those. They were custom made for this room, were in great condition, and are great quality so therefore, it didn’t make sense to switch them out. Plus the velvet is really comfortable for a theatre room.

We went with a really rich, dark color on the walls and moulding (Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain). I wanted to carry that same Southwestern flair we had in the rest of the home into this space as well, without being too literal. We found these vintage Navajo baskets and mounted them to the wall. I think they are such an interesting design element and add some interesting texture and pattern.

The large baskets filled with warm, cozy throw blankets invite you to kick back and relax. On the built in bar, we added a commercial grade popcorn machine with is unreal amazing and has no doubt made movie nights a lot more authentic. The popcorn packets are so so simple to use and make the real deal movie theatre popcorn! And the popcorn bowl with matching mini bowls are just the cutest.

Designing this home was such a fun challenge. We’re sharing our next webisode this week! Stay tuned!

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