7 Faux House Plants Worth Buying

March 4, 2022

When it comes to having plants in the home, we totally get that not everyone has a green thumb! Our favorite resolution for those who are nervous to keep live plants in their house is to go faux! Faux plants have come a long way and can be nearly identical to a live plant not only in texture but also in appearance. We have a few tried and true plants that we love to use in client projects that we’ve been dying to share with you!

Project Olympus Modern Basement

Faux plants can be a great alternative to live plants. Not only are they often lower in cost for a large size, but they also require zero maintenance. This is why we will opt to go for a faux option in our clients’ homes. Another great advantage of faux plants is that they are a one-time cost. You don’t need to replace them and there are no unexpected maintenance fees or upkeep!

Faux plants can be much more versatile than live plants. You have a bit more wiggle room when deciding where to place them and don’t have to worry about the lighting in the room as much, but a good rule of thumb is to not place a faux plant where you wouldn’t put a live plant.

Aside from being able to move them around freely, you also get potting freedom! Do you often feel the need to change up your decor? Faux plants are great for that. You can switch out their pot as often as you would like with no damage to the plant! If you are still worried about the faux look, a great way to make them feel even more life-like is to add a bit of soil or moss around the top to give it the natural look of a freshly potted plant!

While some faux plants can tend to look fake and rubbery, we’ve discovered if you shop a reputable brand that has a little bit of a higher price tag your plants will look more realistic and give you that life-like look you are looking for! Shop our favorite faux plants below!

Shop Our Faux Plant Recommendations

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