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Stagg Design is a firm born of the idea that home is the most important place in the world. When your home is a place that inspires you and where you feel most yourself, it changes the way you live and in turn, changes your life.

Our team of experienced designers has refined the process of creating homes that feel different. A Stagg Design home is more than a collection of pretty furnishings—it’s a home with heart and soul. It has character and personality. The homes we design have attention to detail that set them apart from the rest. Remodel, renovation, new build, or finishing touches, our team has your project covered.

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Meet Team Stagg


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Meet Jennifer

Jen’s the one who started this whole design journey. As a child, she was constantly rearranging her room, convincing her dad to dive into the DIY projects she dreamed up, and making her in backyard playhouse into a home for her dolls. She was also an avid reader and storyteller, which led her to a career in journalism. She has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and interned at ABC News in NYC. For over a decade, Jen worked as a news anchor and reporter. She was twice awarded Best Reporter in Utah by the Society of Professional Journalists, has won three Edward R. Murrow Awards, and two Emmys. Design was her side hustle and she and Jon would remodel home after home on the weekends.

Once they had their first daughter, Jen took a leap off what felt like a cliff and jumped into design full time. At Jon’s encouragement, she launched a design blog which won Blog of the Year from the Editor’s of Better Homes and Gardens within the first six months. Creating a full-service design firm and product collection soon followed. Stagg Design’s homes and projects have been featured in spreads in Better Homes, HGTV Magazine, Redbook, Parents, Woman’s Day, and BHG’s Stylemaker Magazine to name a few. She was a top 5 finalist on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family Next DIY Star.  

Creativity, design and storytelling have always been huge parts of Jen’s life and she is honored every time she can design a home for a family that feels like an extension of them.

In another life, Jen danced professionally as an NBA Cheerleader for the Jazz. Now her dance moves are reserved for dance parties with her three little girls and are usually met with eye rolls.  

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Meet Katie

Katie is a long time member of Team Stagg and has seen our company through a lot of growing pains. She is our Art Director and Resident Artist and is the creative genius behind our beautiful prints, patterns and branding. Katie and Jen often joke they share a design brain and together they agonize over every detail of the Stagg Design product collections.

Katie is born and bred Minnesota proud. She is the definition of “Minnesota Nice” and we love her for it. Katie majored in Communications and Marketing with an advertising emphasis. She married her love for design and marketing background and bam! Her current career. She is a self-proclaimed design nerd and could talk all day about color palettes and typography. She lives for the details and can never quite turn her design brain off.  

She’s a newly-wed, a high school and collegiate hurdler, is taller than you think, loves a good boot-bustin’ country tune and antique stores. Her family’s Wisconsin farm, complete with dirt roads and horses, is her favorite place on the planet and she wants you to know she loves art so much it hurts. We’re so lucky she’s on our team.  

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Meet Jon

Jon is the business & construction brain in our operation. He's the analytical counterpart to Jen's creativity. Pretty much any project Jen dreams up, Jon figures out a way to make it happen and together they've renovated homes, investment properties, run Stagg Design the firm, and Stagg Design Shop. Jon's a corporate attorney, a licensed general contractor and his skills know no limits. He's a carpenter, electrician, plumber, roofer, or really any type of contractor. He did most of the construction on the Stagg Reno with his own two hands and that place looks gooooood. He's the ultimate DIYer and takes immense pride in perfecting any project.

Jon has a business finance degree and law degree. He worked in private practice before serving as in house counsel for a major health care company, working in venture capital. His past work experience also includes managing a roofing company in his younger years. Jon’s proudest title is dad (and knight in shining armor) to his three adoring little girls. Jon is the very best teammate and we're so lucky to call him the co-captain of our Stagg Design ship.

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Meet Meg

Meg keeps the wheels moving on the Stagg Design party bus. She is our project manager and senior designer. If you’re a client, you hear from Meg a lot and that’s great, because she is delightful and keeps our projects organized.

Meg grew up in Park City, Utah where she tagged along with her father, a custom build architect, to job sites and client meetings. That sparked her interest in designing floor plans and rearranging furniture.  

Her design career has taken her across the country. She studied interior design in San Luis Obispo, CA then worked at firms in Orange County, New York City, and Seattle Washington before she came back to her roots in Utah and joined Team Stagg.  

She and her husband, Greg, are the proud parents to two labs, Milly and Zoey. They are currently remodeling their first home. Meg is also the older sister to one of our design assistants, Elle.

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Meet Melissa

Melissa is the ultimate tastemaker on Team Stagg. She is our team stylist and is a master at putting the finishing touches in a home that give it that signature Stagg Design lived in yet elevated look. She also assists in curation at Stagg Design Shop and heads up our seasonal styling services.   

Melissa is an avid art collector and seasoned traveler. She loves to immerse herself in other cultures and draws upon global inspiration in her designs. Melissa has a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. She geeks out on the details of a space and loves incorporating vintage items into her work, often learning the history of a piece down to the origin and time period. Melissa is a talented entertainer and if you’re lucky enough to attend one of her gatherings, you’re in for a memorable evening.

Melissa is a wife and mother to three kids. She and her husband love travelling the world with their family, but their home base is their beautiful modern farmhouse at the base of the Wasatch mountains. Second to her love of design is her love of urban farming. She lovingly cares for a henhouse full of “ladies” aka chickens who produce eggs as pretty as they are tasty.  

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Meet Kelton

Kelton is the person we lovingly refer to as Stagg Design's "Team Mascot". When projects get stressful and timelines seem impossible, he's always there with a smile, a joke, or just a listening ear and a cold Diet Coke. Who knew all those years as the class clown would come in handy in a professional setting?

Like Jen, Kelton has a background in broadcasting. He produces "Heart of the Home" podcast and also helps out as a design assistant when we install client projects. His natural eye for good design and attention to detail make him a natural fit with our team. As a kid, he would spend hours playing on a home design computer program designing and furnishing pretend homes.

Kelton is a life-long Utahn and has a degree from Utah State University where he studied broadcast journalism, music, and chemistry. (And yes, he's aware that's an odd combo). 

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Meet Kristi

Kristi's our resident real estate guru. She assists clients with buying, selling, home staging and assessing property values. Kristi has spent more than 12 years in real estate and has more than $40 million in closed sales. Basically, she's the bomb when you're buying or selling.  

Kristi's strengths lie in contractural knowledge, excellent customer service, and drive. She's delightful to work with and to know her is to love her. She has a degree from Brigham Young University in Public Relations and has a deep passion for real estate. She's also a wife and mom to four adorable kids.

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Meet Melissa

Melissa is a junior designer and is passionate about the details. She grew up in Highland, Utah and as a child would constantly work on designing her “dream home.”

Melissa is a graduate of the LDS Business College Interior Design Program then moved to the Big Apple where she interned with Anthropologie’s Visual Display and Design department. She is also an accomplished pianist and writes her own music.

Melissa loves the mix of old and new Stagg Design is known for, and incorporates vintage art and furniture into her designs. She is also an avid hiker, loves European architecture, and draws upon nature and her experience in the big city to make her spaces one of a kind. 

We also think she could be Zooey Deschanel’s little sister.

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We're a full-service design firm and home furnishings shop built around the philosophy that a well-designed home should be beautiful, personal, cohesive, and complete. We think home is the most important place on the planet and when you live in a home that is perfectly you, it changes your life. Don't believe us? Stick around. We're confident we'll change your mind.

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