Moving Must Haves, Prepping Our Rental House, and Last Hurrahs

June 24, 2021

I can’t believe we’re in the final countdown. Our days are numbered at Stagg Reno and it’s crunch time around here as we pack up and move out. Today we’re sharing some of the packing products that have made this move much more organized, how we’re prepping our new rental home for our family, and the last hurrah’s at the home I don’t feel ready to say goodbye to just yet. I’m not okay this week.

Moving Must-Have Products

Let’s start with packing products. I found these labels awhile ago and knew they would be a game changer. Color coded, with space to clearly write what is in each box, stickers to mark things “fragile” and each room organized so everyone knows where to move what. Genius. Especially since a lot of our belongings will go into storage until we move into Stagg Mountain Modern a year from now, I want to keep everything organized and clearly marked.

The plate sleeves are so smart and keep dishes from moving around and chipping. Bubble wrap and wrapping paper are a must, and the stretch wrap has worked so great for picture frames and artwork. We’ve linked all of our must-haves below!

Home Moving Packing Labels | 60 Cushion Foam Pouches | 2-Pack Bubble Cushioning Wrap Rolls | Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape | Packing Paper Sheets | Plastic Storage Bin Tote Container | Large Stretch Wrap | Wardrobe Moving Box with Metal Hanging Bar | Sharpie 12pk Permanent Markers

Prepping Our Rental Home

The biggest selling point for our rental home is that it’s just around the corner from #staggmountainmodern . This will make meeting contractors, design work, keeping an eye on things, etc, sooooooo much easier. The house is very basic, which is fine, but the biggest issue is that it has an unfinished basement. The technical square footage is just a little smaller than Stagg Reno, but the living space is significantly smaller. As a result, we’ve had to get creative with how we use space, what to store, what furniture to use, and what goes into storage until the next move. Overall, the home has a nice feel and it will be cozy and great for the next year before our next home chapter.

We have done a few things to make this temporary living space feel a bit more like us and more functional. The biggest thing we’ve done is finish a room in the basement that will serve as an office space for Stagg Design. Jon feels verrrrrry strongly we finish this room (and I do understand why. We need a place to house samples, have conference calls, keep all the office things, and so on) but it does feel bizarre to pay for and finish a room in a home we don’t own and won’t live in long term. Our landlord agreed to pay $1000 to help pay for finishing it which is so kind, especially since finishing it wasn’t really on his radar or priority list. It’s completely just because we need it finished.

The kitchen is pretty small and lacks in storage, so we bought some ikea cabinets for kitchen storage for a makeshift pantry. We also bought a new fridge. As I’m writing all of this down it seems as ridiculous as it did to me initially, guys. But the fridge in there was quite old and didn’t have an ice maker or water dispenser, which our family uses literally every darn day. We found a fridge scratch and dent, and figure we can just sell it on classifieds when we move. For a year of ease with water and ice, it’s worth it– mostly to Jon, ha!

We plan to give the girls rooms a re-design in #staggmountainmodern but I am strongly resisting the urge to buy anything new for the rental house. Because of that we are literally using all of the things from bedrooms currently and trying to recreate their rooms in the rental. I ordered some inexpensive (but really great!) drapery rods to hang their curtains, which I think will make it feel more complete. Some big differences, the rental only has three bedrooms so Vivie and Anna will be sharing a room. Our girls have never shared rooms before so this will be an adventure and an adjustment! I’m excited for them!

After we get settled and organized in the rental, I’ll give you a little tour to show you which furniture we used in the main living spaces, and what went into storage.

Last Hurrahs in Our Home

We’ve been trying to cram in as much as we can– movie nights, hot tub dips (even though it’s record heat here– I can’t let go yet!), dinner gatherings, sunsets from the porch. I want to soak it all in. One of the biggest bummers with the timing– our peach tree and grape vines are finally producing fruit for the first time and we will miss harvesting. I’m hoping the new owners will let the girls come back and pick a few, as we’ve been anxiously awaiting this summer for a few years.

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