Holiday Trends: Gorgeous Gift Wrapping Ideas

December 7, 2022

I’m not sure what’s more important to a designer: the gift or what’s it’s wrapped in. I kid, kind of…. but I think gift wrapping really sets the tone for the full present experience! Presentation is key for what’s under the tree, and today we’re sharing some of our secrets to beautiful and fuss-free gift wrapping.

Credit: Zee5

Believe it or not, I am sort of a minimal wrapper.  It’s about striking a balance between simple and yet making it feel special for the receiver.  I love making a gift look special from the outside but hate to spend too much money on fancy paper they will end up ripping up.  It pains me to spend money on beautiful wrapping paper that just ends up in the trash–ha!  I typically start with simple wrapping paper as my foundation, and build from there.  I like to focus more on “accessorizing” the wrapped gift. ( Because you can reuse/ keep the ribbon and those other accessories you use on the gift). 

Credit: Bev Weidner
Credit: Wit & Delight

My go to is brown kraft wrapping paper – cheap and easy to find.  You can also do white or even black kraft paper.  Go an extra step with some velvet ribbon or twine, then top it off with a stem of cedar, dried orange, or holly berries. I like to buy a grocery store Christmas themed flowers or greenery sprays and divide it and cut the stems up to add with ribbon to the tops of gifts.  Miniature bells to tie to the ribbon can also make it festive and fun.  For a child’s gift, a classic candy cane added with a ribbon to the top of the gift adds charm.  

Credit: Lil Blue Boo

Personalize wrapping paper by using a paint sharpie to draw on the craft paper directly! Stars, flowers, a sweet note, get creative. You can get the kids involved by having them draw artwork on a package.

Hate to wrap? Buy some brown kraft paper bags and personalize them the same way you would a wrapped gift.

Beautiful gift wrap doesn’t have to be complicated or fussy. Simplicity is key!

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