The Furnishings the New Buyers of Stagg Reno are Purchasing

May 25, 2021

It takes a lot of thought and careful selection to decide what furnishings go into a home I design. I don’t just want to let anything into a space, I want it to be the exact right thing. That’s one of the big reasons furnishings don’t always translate well from home to home. And one of the biggest reasons we’re leaving some pieces behind for the new owners to use and love.

We received word from Kristi that the new buyers of Stagg Reno were interested in purchasing some of the furniture in our home. We were open to the idea, but didn’t really want to sell everything and here’s why: I wanted a feeling of familiarity for the girls. Moving out of the home they’ve known their whole lives into a rental is a big change, they’re very young, and we want to make this transition as smooth as it can be.

That said, there are always pieces that don’t transition well from home to home. Some furnishings just work better in the spaces they were purchased for. Also in our rental home, we won’t have as much livable square footage (the basement is unfinished), and I don’t love everything SO much that I wanted to store it for potentially a year just to make it work in the new house when it’s finished. Plus, I am strongly resisting buying anything just for the rental home. Everything is “make it work” until we buy for the new house, as far as I’m concerned. So here we go– the list of what is permanently staying in Stagg Reno.

1. Living Room Live Edge Coffee Table

This is the piece I wanted to stay in the home the most. Guys, I looooove it so much. And I could have found a beautiful spot for it in the next house (really any house forever and ever), but it belongs here. There’s a story there: when we bought Stagg Reno, it was covered in trees. Soooooo many trees. There was one beautiful large tree right in front of the living room window. It was heartbreaking to cut it down, but you couldn’t see the house. Once we took it down, we realized we could see all the way across the Salt Lake Valley. It was incredible.

We had a local craftsman, JDM Design, turn the stump into a live edge coffee table I designed and it feels so special in the front living room. I feel sad to leave it, but it feels like it just belongs here. And so here it will stay.

2. The Living Room Velvet Ottomans

These two velvet ottomans have lived in a few different spaces in Stagg Reno (we’ve used them in front of the basement sofa in place of the coffee table, and at the foot of a bed), but their most recent home is in front of the fireplace in the living room. The new owners like them there too, and asked to purchase them.

3. The Living Room Area Rug

It’s a beautiful viscose rug that remains in near perfect condition. And it was tricky to find a rug that fit this room as perfectly as this one does. So, here it will stay!

4. The Living Room Floor Lamp

Yep, this too. I really do love it, and it would have easily translated into the next home. But, they asked to keep it and I’m fine to let it go and buy one selected specifically for the next home.

5. The Great Room Sofa and Chairs

We love this lounge sofa and the chairs in this space, but it really does feel perfect in the room and I wasn’t so attached to them that they needed to come with us.

6. The Main Kitchen Counter Stools

The stools are super awesome. They are modern and lightweight and the perfect height. We searched months to find the right stools for this room. Therefore, I’m more than happy to let these babies continue on in glory at the counter they were practically made for.

7. All Outdoor Furniture

Our rental doesn’t have much of an outdoor space, and it will be quite awhile until the new house does as well, so this was a simple one to say yes to. Boy, will be miss these outdoor living spaces!

Now, about the hot tub. It wasn’t included with the sale of the house, but the buyers have the option of purchasing it separately. A few reasons we didn’t include it:

  1. It’s only one year old, and wasn’t cheap.
  2. We originally had planned to move directly into the new house while we renovated and thought everything else might be gross and outdated, but at least we’d have family fun nights in the hot tub!

Now that we’re moving into a rental for awhile first, it doesn’t make as much sense to take it along with us. I’m hoping the new buyers want to purchase it (they aren’t from Utah and haven’t experienced the magic of hot tubbing on a winter night in the snow). If they choose not to, we will figure out what to do with it then.

Wondering how we priced everything? This episode of Heart of the Home Podcast breaks it down, and also has some wonderful advice for selling in this market.

And there you have it! We have a few more things to share from Stagg Reno, then it’s on to all new house content! This week I’m sharing the first home tour of the new house, as well as the new name. Watch for it, friends!

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