Unconventional Gift Guide for the Holidays

December 6, 2022

They’re everywhere this time of year– gift guides telling you which items are the hottest gifts of the season for everyone in your life. This year, our Stagg Design team is taking a thoughtful approach to gift-giving, and we’re encouraging you to look outside of the norm. We believe often times it’s not the gifts that cost the most that mean the most, but instead come from the heart with sincere thoughtfulness for the receiver on the other end.

Here’s our team’s top gift picks for our Unconventional Gift Guide for the holidays.

Credit: Eye Swoon

Let’s start with what you see first: the gift wrap. We love the idea of hand-dying fabric scraps or muslin cloths for a gift wrapping that can not only be reused, but repurposed throughout the year. Empress of Dirt has a great DIY tutorial for fabric dying for beginners. Add some fresh sprigs from your garden or grocery greenery department and you’ll have a beautifully wrapped gift that is both meaningful and reusable!

Think of Things Handmade

Whether you’re a professional creative or not, something handmade always means more. If you have the gift of artistry like our Artistic Director, Katie, try your hand at hand painted ceramic or wood ornaments. I also think painting ornaments would be a fun Christmas party activity for both kids and adults alike! And an idea for you artists out there, your personal artwork is always a good idea for a gift, just add a frame and a lovely ribbon!  

These handmade gifts are surely ones that you would not find anywhere else.  And that is something special.

Shop Hand Painted Ceramic Ornaments Image Credit: Rosalie Gwen Paperie
Credit: Lemon Thistle


Sometimes the holidays are the busiest time of year. As a thoughtful gift to a friend or neighbor, you could bring them a home cooked meal on a busy weeknight in December.  Another idea: a basket of home baked goods would be perfect to fuel your friends through the week, or as an easy breakfast for busy families on the go.  There is something about homemade food that just nourishes the soul!

We love this simple cutting board with a personal family recipe written on top. What a fun gift idea!

Another idea: mix up some herbed salt. It’s expensive to make with salt and dried herbs, and is as pretty as it is useful.

Personalized Presents:

Monogramming a sweater is great, but what about creating a playlist of all the songs that remind you of that person?  Every time they play it, they’ll think of your time together. I love this for kids too!

How about a collection of treasured family recipes put together in a personalized cookbook or in a lovely recipe box would be a cherished gift…that would truly keep giving.

A beautifully framed photo of you and them would be a darling gift and wouldn’t take much money or time to put together.  I love these ornament frames to remember the past holiday seasons each year.

Our Designer Meg had the idea to take the person on an experience they would love but normally wouldn’t be able to do. Something as simple as taking them to a restaurant you know they have been wanting to try but haven’t yet or signing them up for photography classes when they have a camera they love but don’t yet know how to use.  This is an idea that could really be customized to the individual receiving it.   When you know somebody has put thought into really getting to know you in that way, the gift steps up to a whole other level of meaning.

The act of gift giving is always a beautiful gesture, no matter what it is, but when there is an extra personal touch and effort added to it, the gift becomes, not to be corny, priceless!  

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