Stagg Mountain Modern: Ruby’s Bedroom Plans & Inspiration

March 31, 2022

It’s been a bit since we talked through the plans for a space in Stagg Mountain Modern. We’ve been so swamped with construction, I haven’t had as much spare time to share the inspiration for what we are turning the home into. Today I’m sharing the inspiration for what Ruby’s room will be, and I can’t wait to see this room come together.

To catch you up: check out the Stagg Mountain Modern Kids Rooms “Before” Reveal so you can see which space we’re talking about.

Ruby has taken the move the hardest of our three girls. She is a sensitive soul, and she is also the oldest and most aware of the changes to our routine and daily life. Our rental has been fine but it’s nothing like Stagg Reno and it’s really hit Ruby hard. She misses our home, her room, routine, and dear friend who lived next door. Because of that, we are prioritizing her room as one of the first spaces we are finishing and I’m hoping it will get her excited about our new house, even though not all of it will be complete when we move in.

Pretty Molding

Designed by: Elena Markina

Ruby loves a fancy space. She has a natural eye for design and details in a room. I have some plans for whole room moulding detail and I think she will love it.

Soft Color Palette

Designed by: @lazurnaya_design

When I was talking though her ideas for the room, the color palette was something she was most excited about. She wants soft pastels mixed into the space, which I think will feel really sophisticated.

Built-in Alcove Bed

Source: Unknown

If you remember, her room had a darkroom closet area, in addition to a wall closet. We are removing the wall closet and making the darkroom her closet. This left the perfect spot for an alcove bed. I can’t wait to share what we’ve come up with. It’s so dreamy.

Statement Wallpaper

Source: Circu

Behind the alcove bed is the perfect spot for a statement wallpaper. I haven’t settled on one quite yet, but love this inspiration image.

Pink Walls

Designed by: Chad Wood Interiors

Something Ruby was very specific about was that she wanted pink walls. This image from Chad Wood is a great launching point for us for tone. She is giddy about the paint!

Statement Lighting

Source: Unknown

I’ve already ordered a mini chandelier for her room and it’s going to be gorgeous above her bed. The lighting layout was tricky, but I think a statement light in the alcove will be perfect.

Here’s how it’s coming together on a mood board:

What do you think? I can’t decide which element I’m most excited about. I’ve already ordered a few pieces for her room and feel so good about prioritizing finishing her space first. I hope it helps our girl feel more settled and at peace before she starts the next school year. Ironically, Ruby’s room was the first room we finished in Stagg Reno for similar reasons: we wanted to help her feel settled right away in a new house with a new baby sister (Anna was born right before we moved in!). 7 years later, we’re doing it all again. And who has been here long enough to remember Ruby’s nursery in the Peach and Purple Palace? Stagg Mountain Modern will be her third childhood home. I can’t believe it.

Which part are you most excited to see? Tell me below!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It is absolutely beautiful. I love the pink paint color but the rest of the design is equally stunning! Can’t wait to see it come to life! She is one lucky girl. I’m sure you’ve considered that as she grows, this design will last for years! What a breathtaking room.

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