Why Prep Kitchens are a Hot Design Trend and Why We are Putting one in Stagg Mountain Modern

August 17, 2021

All who hate kitchen counter clutter, say “I”! I’m definitely a part of that party, as I want all of my counters clean and organized and free of all of the things I don’t want out. That’s why I’m all in for the prep kitchen camp, and why we’re adding one to SMM.

Prep kitchens (or Butler’s Pantries or Blantrys for short) have a few major things going for them. Here’s are some of the reasons we love them:

1. They Keep Small Appliances Off the Counter

Sure, we love a pretty mixer atop a counter, but we’re just fine leaving the toaster, coffee maker, blender, etc. out of sight. A prep kitchen allows you access to these items without them taking up space in the main kitchen.

2. They Allow For “Extras”

Want an extra oven? Add it to the Blantry. What about a beverage fridge? An ice machine? An extra dishwasher? These things are luxuries, but if you have the space for them, it sure makes entertaining for large parties a lot easier.

3. You Can Make Them Bold

If you find some fun tile or a bold paint color you love, you can use them in a Blantry rather than the main kitchen to add some personality. It’s a smaller space, therefore not as much as an investment if you want to update styles down the road.

4. A Place to Prep and Clean Up Together

I’ve never had a Blantry before, but the way we’re planning ours we should be able to make some things like toast and school lunches all in one spot, then toss the dishes in the extra dishwasher. I love that the girls can take responsibility for some of their own food prep and cleanup in a Blantry, without making a huge mess in the kitchen.

Do you love a Prep Kitchen/Blantry concept? What would you put in yours? Tell me below!

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