Project Western Roots Great Room Reveal

January 12, 2021

Well folks, if 2020 taught me anything, it’s to be flexible in all areas of my life. We had originally planned to reveal part one of Project Western Roots last week, but that was before the world started to implode so I’m trying to sneak this space in there, not make any sudden movements, and hope things remain calm long enough for you to take in the beauty that is this gorgeous living room. Quick, knock on wood!

Before I launch into the room, a bit of backstory. This home was built a few years ago and is a testament to our Stagg Design philosophy that your home can’t just be beautiful, it needs to be complete. It needs to be personal. And it needs to be cohesive. Without that magic formula we’ve refined, something will just feel off. You can have a fresh, beautiful house but that won’t get you all the way there. It takes careful examination of every space and working to design every area in the home so that it all works in harmony. That’s exactly what we accomplished with Project Western Roots.

Our clients are oozing with personal history. Husband is from Wyoming, wife from Arizona, and their heritage is a huge part of their lives. They had a large collection of vintage family art, furniture pieces, kickbacks, and sculptures. We were able to infuse their personal story into virtually every space in the home.

We wanted the home to have a transitional, grounded, modern-yet-historial feel. The furniture pieces are a mixture of styles and materials, and we took every opportunity to display everything from artwork to vintage books.

I love placing little personal touches, sort of like Easter eggs hidden around a house like everyone is on the inside of the same story line. Note the vintage book titles.

Comfort was key with the furnishings and we wanted everyone who entered to feel at ease and able to relax. The mixture of warm and cool, new and old, neat and worn all created the perfect balance.

Faux Fig Tree

Lamp – small size

Gray Sofa (similar)

Blue Sofa (similar)

Coffee Table (similar)

Rug– antique: here is a similar option

Side Table (similar)

Stagg Design Shop Helena Pillow

Stagg Design Shop Signature Leather Pillow – Camel

Wooden Candle Holder

Terracotta Urn

Ginger Jar – Small

Ginger Jar – Large

Marble Chain

Whitewashed Wood Bowl

Terracotta Vases

A lot more from this gorgeous home to share! Also coming up this week– an update on the Stagg Reno Laundry Room, and a Heart of the Home Podcast guest with great advice for setting up a home office.

Here’s hoping for a calm and uneventful week!

xx, Jen

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