Art as a Design Launch Point

November 12, 2020

Willow’s Creek art featured in Project Fit Fam

A room always starts somewhere. Maybe it’s an image you passed on Pinterest that inspired you. Maybe it’s a place you visited that makes you want to replicate the same feeling. Often times when we’re getting ready to start a new space, we start with artwork.

Art can serve as the design launch point for a room. It can set the tone, the color palette, and mood, and the direction for not only one room, but an entire home.

Coast of Maine art featured in the Owner’s Suite in Stagg Reno

I’m going to show you how one of our latest art piece releases, Homestead Trails, can set the stage for an entire space, and how to incorporate pillows and accessories into the mix for a cohesive room.

  1. Marble Bookends
  2. Corinth Stoneware Vase
  3. Round Marble Coasters
  4. Chunky Knit Throw
  5. Signature Leather Pillow, Sand
  6. Black Round Tray
  7. Isaac Pillow in Forest
  8. Harrison Pillow
  9. Gilded Cement Boxes
  10. Fluted Terra Cotta Lamp
  11. Homestead Trails Artwork
  12. Chevron Woven Basket
  13. Cast Metal Object

Ok, let’s break this down. You can pull obvious colors from the art piece, as we’ve done with the green Isaac Pillow, but also pull out some of the more subtle colors. We pulled the cream and grey colors. We also added with some gold/brass accents, and some steel/black accents as well to add some stark contrast.

To show you how artwork can change the mood and feel of a space, I switched out The Coast of Maine for Homestead Trails above my bed, and changed the pillows. I love how art has the ability to transform the mood of a room!

Don’t forget we have a major sale happening on Stagg Design Shop right now! If you purchase any art piece, you get 20% off your entire order. We have so many great accessories right now! Use the code HOLIDAY20 at checkout!

Wishing you peace during the start of the holiday season! xx, Jen

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