Solutions to Common Area Rug Mistakes

October 6, 2022

Area Rug Placement for Bedroom

It’s one of the most common design mistakes and something we get asked about a lot: how to select the right size rug for a space. Too small or too big and it throws off all of the room’s proportions and just feels off.

Today we’re breaking down some simple solutions to common area rug mistakes, so you can make sure your rug is proportional to your room. We are sharing some of our current favorite area rugs.

Rugs in a Bedroom

Area Rug Placement for Bedroom

Let’s break down the most common mistake with rugs in a bedroom. We don’t mind a rug over carpeting. I know some designers have very strong feelings against it, but I like the dimension and pattern it adds to a room. I also love that it has a grounding effect and can tie all the furnishings together.

Wrong Rug Direction

The rug should go perpendicular to the bed. We’ve demonstrated a 8×10 example and a 9×12 example. With that size room, I personally prefer the 8×10, as it gives just a little bit of a walkway around the bed, but either example works.

Rugs in a Living Room

Rug Placement for a Living Room

Too Small A Rug For A Room

This is a tricky one, so we’ve demonstrated it visually below. You want rug to be comfortably touching all the main furniture, so it has an easy feeling and invites conversation. If a major seating furnishing is left off the rug, it’s left out of the party so to speak. In the “too small” example below, you’ll notice a sofa and some ottomans are excluded from the rug, and even though it’s a large room, it makes the space feel cramped and uncomfortable.

By easily fitting all of the major furnishings on the rug (or at least some of the furniture feet), it gives the room an effortless, inviting vibe.

Have a design dilemma? We want to help you solve it! Leave a comment below and we’ll tackled it here on the blog! We hope this was a straightforward explanation of a common problem, with a simple fix– picking the right rug for your room!

Now, here’s a breakdown of some of our favorite fall rugs we’re dying to incorporate into a space!

Our Favorite Fall Rugs

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

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