How to use Sophisticated Artwork in Children’s Spaces

November 3, 2020

Children’s rooms are consistently some of my favorite spaces to design. I always aim to have a child’s space grow with them. It’s easy to fall into the trap of themes or cheesy decor for kids’ rooms, and it is a fun challenge for our team to keep a child’s space whimsical and age appropriate, yet sophisticated and balanced. Enter artwork.

We are releasing a new Stagg Design Shop art piece each week this month, starting with the gorgeous original piece Garden Blooms we used in Capri’s Room in Project Fit Fam. This room belongs to a darling 8-year-old girl and we wanted the room to feel girly and delicate, just like her, yet have it be a space she would love today, tomorrow, and 5 years from now.

One of the most common pieces of feedback I hear from clients is that they tend to go too juvenile on the artwork, and end up unhappy with the finished space. I’ve got a list of go-to tricks and tips for selecting artwork for children’s spaces that will help the space strike the right tone.

1. Look for a statement piece to set the color stage

A great place to start is using a main art piece as a focal point to pull in the colors you want to guide the room’s design. For Capri’s Room, our new Garden Blooms art piece did just that. It helped all the colors in the room work together in harmony, set the tone the from the moment you walk in the room, and helped to set a peaceful feeling. Artwork has the ability to calm, energize, spark discussion, etc. For her room, we wanted the art to set the scene.

2. Vintage Artwork can Help a Child’s Room Feel Collected

Layering in vintage artwork that speaks to your family’s history, a hobby the child loves, or brings in a mixture of contrast colors is the perfect way to make a kid’s space feel a little more well-traveled. In the bunk room in Project Fit Fam, we used our Vintage Desert Cowboy art piece leaned against the shelf on one of the bunk book ledges to add in some contrast. I also love how the image of the cowboy riding a horse through the desert feels like the little boys who play in the space could imagine themselves doing the same.

3. Bold Words in Artwork

Sometimes literally putting a statement out there for all to see is the best way to invite everyone to do exactly that. My love for our Stagg Design Shop Adventure Print runs deep. It’s versatile and somehow strikes the perfect tone of childhood magic, for both kids and adults alike.

We’ve used it in both playrooms and bedrooms, and here are a couple of my favorite applications:

4. Nature is Always a Winner

You can’t go wrong with incorporating something from nature into a child’s room. I think it has a calming effect. An image of a forest or the ocean, birds or trees easily works in almost every child’s space. I love our Flutterby prints from Stagg Design Shop, pictured in two different spaces below.

Something we’ve worked really hard at over at Stagg Design Shop is making sure all of our pillows, artwork, wallpaper, accessories, and fabrics pair together perfectly. Putting a beautifully designed space together is simple. You can easily pull together pieces that mix and match together.

We’re releasing a new art piece for our collection every week during November, and this month only if you purchase any art piece, you can get 20% off the rest of your order using the code HOLIDAY20. This is the perfect time to finish off those spaces with pretty pillows and art, just in time for the holidays!

As we enter the month of Thanksgiving, in which the future of our US Presidency will be decided, I’m filled with hope and gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy, the family I call mine, and a home we love to shelter us, give us a place of peace and safety, and make lasting memories. Happy November!

xx, Jen

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