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May 18, 2020

The kitchen is at the center of the home and Team Stagg Design has been whipping up our tried and true recipes during isolation.  Our team has selected some of our favorites, and rounded them up for you to print and save. These are family favorites, with emotional attachment, which we believe always make the best recipes! Today we’re sharing Jen’s family’s Moist Irish Soda Bread, Meg’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Katie’s Guacamole, Kelton’s Cherry Bars, Melissa W’s Queso, and Melissa F’s Chocolate Chip Cookies (because everyone has a recipe and everyone’s is the best!).

This bread doesn’t require any rising time, so you don’t have to start early in the day to have fresh bread with your dinner. Seriously. Super. Duper. Easy.  The cake flour in this recipe makes the bread moist and tender with an excellent flavor.

My mom has been making these my whole life. I don’t think a single person has ever tried them and not begged for the recipe, they are to die for! They remind me of home, going out on the boat, summer nights, parties, family reunions, they’re a staple for any family or friend gathering. Make them day or night, any season, I’ve even been guilty to eat them as cookie dough instead of waiting!

This creamy guacamole recipe is my go-to when entertaining. The secret ingredient is a generous dollop of sour cream and finding perfectly ripe avocados. It’s easy to whip up and definitely a crowd pleaser! Serve it with tortilla chips, cucumbers, or with tacos!

These cherry bars feel like a series of childhood memories whenever I whip up a batch. It’s my grandma’s recipe, but my mom frequently baked them, because they are my dad’s favorite. They are the perfect treat at a barbecue, or any summer gathering and are super easy to make! Just remember to let your butter and eggs come to room temperature. 

My number one quarantine go-to recipe is for queso!   My daughter’s number one quarantine exclamation has been, “ Mom, again?!  Of course you’re eating queso!” I can eat Mexican food any day of the week, and in my opinion queso and chips is the crowning glory of Mexican food!  I have made queso the last month more times than I can count on both hands!  This has been my favorite queso recipe because it’s made with ingredients I have on hand and made with freshly shredded cheddar.  You can also “customize” your queso to your liking.  Adjust the spices, kick it up a notch and add a pinch of cayenne or minced jalapeño. No tomato, no problem, add a 1/4 cup of salsa instead.  The leftovers also reheat well for a midnight snack!

Growing up my sisters and I would always bake a Sunday treat! We loved spending time in the kitchen trying out different recipes, and these cookies are one of our favorite ones to date!

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