Creating a Fall Ambiance in the Kitchen

October 10, 2022

It’s here! Our favorite time of year: fall. We are fully embracing autumn in all of its pumpkin spice and golden glory and we want the warm, cozy, nostalgic fall vibes weaving throughout our home, particularly the heart of the home – the kitchen.  Today we’re sharing some simple yet impactful tricks to make that happen in your own home.

Easy Fall Foliage: Stems and Branches in a Vase

Happen to be doing some fall pruning?  Bring in those branches with leaves that are changing in color inside and display them in a vase. Many shops have faux fall branches and autumn stems that make great options, too. Another easy way to bring in fall is to add some seasonal fruit such as pears or pomegranates to a bowl on the kitchen counter. Mix in some white pumpkins on your kitchen shelves and bam, fall vibes!

Incorporate Copper, Wood, and Fall Tones & Textures

For the fall season, we gravitate toward warmth and a cozy feel in the kitchen.  It may be just a simple swap of some kitchen linens with some taupe colored and plaid patterned tea towels that can evoke a feeling of autumn.  We love adding some simple copper accessories and displaying some wood accessories like cutting boards to really drive home the vibe. Changing out the rug at the kitchen sink to something a little more moody and warm can be impactful to the space as well.

Swap Out Soaps For Fall Scents

Smells play a big part in the way we experience a space. Swap out your hand or dish soap for a fall scent. Adding a deliciously autumn scented candle to burn in the evening or just before the kids come home from school can really help the fall vibe develop in the kitchen.  Some good old fashioned baking always does the trick to bring those nostalgic warm autumn smells and tastes into a kitchen as well! We just gave you permission to whip up a batch of cookies!

Grazing Goodies

Adding a little bowl filled with cinnamon or maple glazed almond or walnuts on the counter are a little way for kitchen visitors to experience fall through their taste buds. It also invites guests or family members to slow down, relax, and have a conversation over a little snack in the kitchen.

Create a Fall Playlist

Another element that can surely help contribute to the feeling of fall in the kitchen, is music.  There are several autumn themed playlists on Spotify and other music apps, or you can create your own playlist of music that reminds you of the autumn season.  We have a halloween playlist we keep on repeat during October to get the kids in the mood for the upcoming holiday. Turn those tunes on while you clean your kitchen or whip up dinner for the family.  

What ways do you like to invite Fall into your home? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments!

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