Showing You Around Stagg Mountain Modern – Our New Home

May 27, 2021

It’s time! Time to show you around our new house, #StaggMountainModern. She’s quirky, but has all the makings of a great project and loads of potential. Today I’m sharing an overview of the home, and giving you a little walk-thru before we dive into the nitty gritty of each space.

The house is big by most standards, at just over 6,000 square feet. It’s large, but it’s not totally efficient in layout. It’s two levels, and sort of has a sprawling ranch feel on the main floor.

The yard is a combination is a lot of overgrown trees, grasses, plants, as well as cracked and crumbling planter boxes.

The front of the house has a large pergola that we like in theory, but don’t love in its current state. There are large double front doors some brick stairs in disrepair.

Walking in the entryway, you’re met with a grand circular staircase, rounded windows, a vintage chandelier, and bubble skylight. I can imagine how in its day this was a really neat feature in the home. Whether or not to keep this staircase circular in the renovation has sparked quite the debate between Jon and me and also all of you weighing in on instagram. A lot of it centers around changing the windows and roof line, which opens up the can of worms. We’ve made a decision, but I’m not going to share it quite yet. Suspense, people!

The main floor has a super large formal living room with the tallest ceilings I dare say I’ve ever seen in a home. Also the formal dining room, a family room and adjacent kitchen, a second staircase, the primary bedroom suite, a mudroom and laundry room, and two powder baths. Some of this will get some floor planning changes to make it more efficient. For example, the only laundry is on the main floor, yet most of the bedrooms are on the lower level. This is something that definitely needs to change.

There’s a lot that doesn’t work like sinks, a super wonky old electrical system, old appliances, etc. We’ll be giving every inch of the home attention.

The lower level has the remainder of the bedrooms and bathrooms, a large family room/recreation area, and an original ice cream bar with all of the old appliances, and ice cream freezer, spots for toppings, and syrups and sprinkles. Guys, if you were a kid in 1978 and you lived here, I’m pretty sure you were the most popular kid in the neighborhood.

The lower level also has what we’ve been referring to as the Maze of Closets. There’s an entire section of the house that is closets, closets with closets, a closet with a potato cellar, a cedar closet, I mean it’s a lot of closets. We’re working on a fun TikTok to show you alllllllll of the closets in the house, of which there are many.

Obviously I haven’t shown you everything in photos, so check out our new Webisode that leads you on a brief tour!

I’ll be breaking down each individual space soon, and also sharing all of our plans for how to transform this house into our family’s home.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for following along, sharing our projects with your family and friends, and giving us virtual high fives. We are feeling range of emotions and your support means more than you know.

So, whatdoyathink? What’s your favorite thing about the house so far? We have the vision and can’t wait to share it with you!

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  1. Diane says:

    From what I’ve seen you guys are totally up for the challenge! I know you will make this house beautiful and I look forward to watching it happen. There is no doubt that you’ve got this. It will be fun (and frustrating and challenging etc.). Good luck!

  2. Ruth says:

    I’m excited for you!! Whatever you do- I’m sure the house will love it’s update!!! Good luck and lots of prayers and blessings.

  3. Emilee says:

    Do you know the masons who worked on this home in the late 70’s? My father was a brick mason working in salt lake at the time, curious to know if you have any of that information. I also plan to show him images and videos to see if it’s something he remembers. I would think this home is one to remember. Looks amazing-can’t wait for the remodel.

  4. I can’t wait to see what you do with this home! We just bought a 70’s house in MN on 11 wooded acres so while ours is a smaller scale I see a lot of similar features especially the kitchen so I will be watching for inspiration as I try to figure out what is going to work here. Thinking a twist on modern organic with some rustic and kilm rugs thrown in. I look forward to seeing you bring that home back to being the stunner it once was.

  5. Margaret Ward says:

    Where can I purchase the black and white artwork that are featured in the dining room of the modern mountain home?

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