Project Western Roots: Main Bedroom Reveal

February 16, 2021

What you do want out of your main bedroom? For me, a main bedroom is a retreat. It’s a place of peace, a place to quiet the noise of the outside world and focus on what’s important. It’s a place to really hone in on what’s meaningful and create a space that is completely you (and your partner, if applicable).

The Main Bedroom at Project Western Roots is all of those things. It’s the marriage, so to speak, of the couple’s history and style all combined into one peaceful retreat.

This home has traditional vibes, but it’s infused with some modern touches. Above all, it’s comfortable and we really ran with the “lived in” and well-worn feel. The husband grew up in Wyoming, the wife in Arizona, and ranch life is a big part of their family heritage.

One of my favorite things about the space is that we found a way to display their cowboy hat collection in a thoughtful and beautiful way. Our Stagg Design Desert Cowboy Artwork from our Vintage Collection was the perfect piece to make a statement above the bed.

I also love our Stagg Design Summer oversized lumbar pillow as the perfect comfortable styling piece on the bed. Paired with the Stagg Design Olivia Pillows, it feels like an easy, yet sophisticated combination.

We incorporated so many personal family heirlooms into their home, like these spurs we piled atop some books on the nightstand. These are the things that give a home soul. I love placing these little gems around a home for the homeowners to find. They instantly stir memories and give the home a sense of history.

The reading chair in the corner is styled with our Stagg Design Spruce pillow in Winter White (the pillow that literally goes with everything!) and our Chunky Cable Knit Throw (it’s out of stock right now, but I love this one just as much!)

More family heirloom artwork when you first enter the room! It’s so special.

Wanted to also take you inside the suite bathroom and closet, where we selected wallpaper, accessories, artwork, and finishing touches.

The colors of our Stagg Design Dutch Countryside artwork worked perfectly above the metal studded tub.

Be sure to check out the other revealed spaces of this home: the Great Room and the Kitchen & Dining Rooms.

Much more from this gorgeous home to come! I hope you’re all safe during this crazy country-wide storm. Today we are dealing with a big snowstorm, but nothing compared to the ice and scary temperatures in other parts of the country. Sending you love!

xx, Jen

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