9 Budget-Friendly Antique Inspired Rugs We Are Loving

May 21, 2021

In nearly every space we design we like to include a rug to act as the focal point of the room. Finding a beautiful antique rug can be really expensive and may not fit into every budget. Here are a few of our favorite machine-made rugs that can fit even the smallest budget.

A unique rug can help tie the space together and bring the full design concept to life. Finding a rug that compliments your color scheme and design details is essential to making the space feel cohesive. One of our favorite ways to warm up an otherwise cold space is by adding a rug. In a kitchen adding a runner can elevate the space and help it flow with the rest of the house. 

The right rug will help lighten up the space while still pulling in that classic feel you would get from a traditional antique rug. A budget-friendly rug allows space for the home to be well lived in and relieves that added worry of having to be extra careful with the rug.

 Rugs bring an added level of comfort to a home and can help provide cushion on hardwood floors. They have a way of grounding the space and making the home feel loved. Vintage rugs offer a sense of history that we love. We have no doubt that these budget-friendly options will provide that same feeling and take your space to a more elevated level.

Shop Our Top Rug Picks

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