October 8, 2019

Book Nook Reveal: Project Modern Family

So you know when you’re a kid, and you try to carve out a sweet spot for yourself? Maybe it’s a playhouse or a fort, or a treehouse. Maybe it’s your closet where your brother can’t find you. We created a magical little hideaway for our client’s daughter to escape her two brothers and it’s maybe the most beloved space in Project Modern Family. I give you the book nook reveal. Brace yourself for a whole lotta cuteness.

When my client first started asking me about a secret little spot for her daughter, I could hardly contain my excitement. We hadn’t even started construction and I could already see her down there reading a book, curled up under a blanket, hiding away in a cozy little corner.

Luckily the architect, Steve Tiek, and I were on the same wavelength and he designed the most adorable dutch door in the history of doors. We painted it pink and outfitted it with a bunny knocker straight out of Alice and Wonderland. The peep hole is just too much. I die.

Inside our Stagg Design Anna Floral Wallpaper creates the perfect backdrop. It feels whimsical yet mature. It’s a space that can grow with our girl, rather than feeling so juvenile she will out grow it in a year or two. I mean, I really want to hang out in there and have a tea party… or even just work on my laptop.

Fluterby Side by Side Artwork

It’s large enough for a few cute little friends to have a read-a-thon or a playdate. We added a book ledge, some twinkle lights, and empowering artwork.

Isn’t that doorknob the cutest? We sourced a vintage knob and I think it’s so perfect.

I hope this space lends its self to imagination, fun, and losing herself in a really good book.

Have you seen the rest of this home? Check out more from Project Modern Family, and stay tuned for the next space reveal!



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