Refreshing Your Pantry for the New Year

January 17, 2022

A new year brings new goals, and we believe goals for your home are included on that list. If you are looking to start out the year clutter-free, we believe one of the best places to start is in the pantry! Throughout the year the pantry tends to collect the most clutter. Whether it’s cleaning out pantry items, minimizing the number of dishes you have, or making room for something new, we are here to share our best tips and trick with you to help you kick start the new year!

Get Rid of Expired Food

Let’s start in the pantry. While some of your canned goods may have a long-lasting shelf life, there are almost always chips, cereals, or crackers that have gone stale. Take the time to empty out your pantry, wipe down your shelves, and throw away anything that has expired or gone stale. If you end up with multiples of items that you don’t need or have space for, find a food bank near you to donate your extra food too! This is the perfect time to evaluate what you have, what you may need more of, and what you went through the most during the year.

Streamline your Products

To get that picture-perfect kitchen that we all know and love, it may take investing in some new products to streamline your shelves and cabinets. Once you have a place for everything you will find it much easier to take inventory, pull off a quick dinner, and keep your pantry clean all year round. Purchase bins, baskets, spice jars, labels, and airtight containers to achieve the professional pantry look! We have linked our favorite products below!

Eliminate Unnecessary Packaging

Now that you’ve got new products, it’s time to put them to work! Take things like rice, noodles, and cereal out of their packaging and move them to an airtight container. Don’t forget to cut out the instructions and tape them to the back of your container! For baking products, we recommend placing them into glass jars to make them easily accessible!

Work in Categories

For the things that need to stay in their packaging, we like using bins or baskets to help conceal and keep a clean look! Think of things like snack items, treats, chips, kid-specific items, etc. Having bin labels helps you identify what is what even when the packaging is tucked away neatly in a basket! Pair things with like items to keep things functional for all family members! Meaning baking items kept together, snacks kept together, grains like rice and noodles near each other, etc. This will make cooking a breeze and will ensure that anyone who steps inside your pantry can find what they are looking for!

Label your Containers

The final piece of having a picture-perfect pantry is labeling all of your containers so you can easily navigate your pantry space. While sharpie paint markers work well on glass jars or bin labels, don’t forget about your spice jars! To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve created our own Stagg Design customizable spice jar labels to allow you the freedom to create a label for any uncommon spices you may have! Having a clean and organized spice jar drawer or cabinet will make you feel like a professional chef every time you are in the kitchen!

Customizable Spice Jar Labels

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