Common Design Mistakes, and How to Fix Them

February 7, 2020

We all have them– that thing that drives us crazy in a room that we can’t wait to change. Oftentimes they are simple, easy to correct problems that can make a big impact on the room’s feel (which is what we at Stagg Design are all about). Today our team is sharing each of their pet peeves when it comes to design– and the solution.

Jen: throw pillows that are “karate-chopped” or too perfectly placed

Solution: punch the pillows sides to fluff them up, then place them on a bed or sofa without pushing down the center. Also, look for full down inserts that fill out all the corners of the insert. We’re all for a well-designed, organized home, but when everything is too perfect, it doesn’t feel warm, comfortable or inviting. Instead of your guests feeling at ease, subconsciously it makes them feel afraid to touch anything. I prefer a more ‘lived in’ look, with the pillows a tad more relaxed, not standing in a row like little stuffed soldiers.

Jon: designing a room around something that could be easily or inexpensively changed.

Solution: If you’re going to go to all the effort of launching into a design project, go all the way. Don’t hold back just because something is out of your comfort zone, seems intimidating, or you think it’s “good enough.” Add in the woodwork and wallpaper, don’t scrimp on finishing touches and personality. You’ll be so glad you did it once the room is complete and if you don’t go all the way, it will drive you nuts. If you ever decide to change it down the road, it will be more difficult or impossible.

Meg: matching furniture sets

Solution: I know it’s tempting to go into a store and buy a set that all “goes together”, but resist the urge! We love thinking in “threes” around Stagg Design. In this case, think about three different textures or materials for your large pieces. This will give you that more collected and sophisticated look you’re after.

Melissa: wrong scale furniture for the room

Solution: A good place to start is a measuring tape. Measure out your room, rug, and furniture. Then get some painter’s tape and tape everything where you think it should go. That will give you an idea of things are too big or too small.

Katie: drapery hung improperly and half curtains

Solution: we love long drapes, all the way from the ceiling to the floor. If you’re nervous about getting it right, install the rod and hang them first, then mark them and hem afterward. Ceilings and floors aren’t always perfectly symmetrical.

Kelton: carpeting in the bathroom

Solution: we don’t know why some trends catch on, like installing carpeting in the bathroom. Not only is it gross (hello moisture!), but it’s also not the look we love. Tile is the way to go, and if you want to add some interest and warmth on the floor, look for a statement or vintage rug next to the tub.

Kristine: artwork hung too high

Solution: artwork should be hung at eye level. If there are home dwellers with drastically varying heights, go with the median. You can tell if art feels too high. When in doubt, go with your inner design gut.

This week’s Heart of the Home Podcast is all about design problems and solutions! Don’t forget to check it out!

We have a really fun project we’re prepping to share and everyone around here is giddy with excitement. Stay tuned:)

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