Happy First Birthday, Stagg Design!

October 14, 2019

It’s been a big past year. Today is a huge milestone for our company, and for me personally. It’s the one-year anniversary of our design firm and product company becoming Stagg Design. I’m often asked how it all started so I think today is the perfect day to share some of the history.

This company began as a hobby– taking something that I had always done and beginning to share it with the world publicly. As many of you know, I was a journalist for a very long time, though design had always been a big part of my life. In fact, I supported Jon in law school by moonlighting as a designer. I worked full-time as a news reporter and anchor, and would work for a local furniture company designing vignettes and putting products together for customers.

As a couple, we began remodeling and renovating homes and it was something that we loved doing together. I would design the home, together we would figure out how to make it happen, and Jon would take the lead on execution. My man has some mad construction skills. He literally knows how to do almost everything in home construction, and do it really well.

When I had our first daughter, Ruby, we were starting the remodel of another home, and I was feeling very trapped in my career in news. I was multi-passionate, I yearned to flex my creative muscles, and the schedule I was on as the lead reporter on the 10 o’clock news was killing me. I felt as though I wasn’t able to spend the time I wanted to with Jon and Ruby, and that there was more to me. At Jon’s encouragement, I jumped off what felt like a cliff into the unknown and started a design blog ( ten points if you’ve been here long enough to remember With HEART!).

Within the first few months, the editors of Better Homes and Gardens awarded it their blog of the year, Domino named it one of their top 15 design blogs, and I had clients from all over the country contacting me, asking if I was accepting new clients.

a few shots from our “Peach and Purple Palace” home remodel. Can you believe itty bitty Ruby?

It took a little time to find my footing. At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to start a firm. I started helping clients here and there, but it was a lot solo, with a small child, and soon another on the way. We found out we were expecting again (Anna), and jumped into another major home renovation. I started taking on clients here and there, and I quickly had a waitlist.

A few of the early clients I worked with! I still love these homes so much!

This was all mid-pregnancy, mid-major renovation on the Stagg Reno, and mid-insanity. We did nearly every inch of our home ourselves from conception to completion– Jon did almost all of the construction solo! We’re so proud of how it all came together.

I found out I was pregnant with Vivie on Anna’s first birthday and before we knew it, we had three girls under the age of four and we decided it was as good a time as any to start designing products and launch our shop — ha! We have always thrived in chaos, and it was chaotic for sure.

A little over a year ago, with our girls now out of newborn stage, a major emergency surgery behind me (hello back surgery curve ball!), and a waitlist of clients, Jon and I had a big picture conversation. We both grew up with unconventional childhoods and have known throughout our relationship that home truly is the center of our universe. Our message of getting to the Heart of the Home has resonated with our clients, and it’s something we want everything to experience. One year ago today we officially became Stagg Design, and a flurry of growth and wonderful opportunities followed. Our full-service firm is bustling, our girls are growing (can we make that one stop for awhile?), and dreams are big, and we’re grateful for every client who trusts us with their most important place: home. Here’s a look at some of our recent projects!

Blue Atlas x Stagg Design Parade Home

Project Modern Model Family Room | Project Modern Model Kitchen

Project Modern Family

So many highlights in the journey, with surely many more to come. I’m filled with so much gratitude and excitement for the future.

To celebrate, we’re offering a flash sale for Stagg Design Shop for 20% off site wide. Hurry! I know some favorites will go fast!

We hope you’ll consider our firm for your upcoming project! We’d love to help make your home your favorite place on the planet. Email us at clients@stagg-design.com to start the conversation.

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