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January 6, 2021

We are several days into the new year, yet somehow I didn’t feel quite ready to look back at 2020 until now. The truth is, it was a year full of ups and downs. I’m so proud of the projects we tackled at Stagg Design amidst some really trying circumstances.

The pandemic caused all kinds of issues for our team, as it did for virtually every industry. Shipping delays and lockdowns became constant tap dances as we tried to complete our clients homes on deadline. Looking back, I’m pretty darn impressed with how quickly we adapted and the finished products are so representative of who we are. Thoughtful, meaningful, beautiful, cohesive, complete designs our clients really lived in as they spent more time at home than ever before.

And so, here’s a look back at some of our projects from the past year, starting with Project Desert Escape!

This gorgeous luxury home in the desert of Southern Utah was the perfect place to lockdown at the beginning of the pandemic. It was completed just in time and quickly became work, school, and a true escape for our clients. It brought me so much joy knowing they were hunkered down in such a beautiful, functional, and fun place amid the chaos and uncertainty.

This home has SO much good stuff. You won’t want to miss a single post. Head over to our portfolio where you can find all the blog posts, webisodes, and pretty pictures!

At Stagg Reno, we gave the main bedroom a makeover for a collaboration and feature in Better Homes and Gardens. It was so fun and now our bedroom is my favorite room in our home. It feels like a serene sanctuary. Since the shoot, we added some gorgeous artwork above the bed, which feels like it belongs there!

Next up, Project Valley Views! This gorgeous new build had the absolute worst luck timing for closing on the home and install. Literally within the week the state shut down, we were trying to install their home. We had to try to maneuver with very little information about how the virus spread, and it was tricky to say the least. But the finished product was worth it!

To see the whole project from concept to completion, check out the portfolio for Project Valley Views!

Project Fit Fam was one of our favorite projects from 2020 (and yours too! It was pinned thousands and thousands of times!). It was all things we love: bold, fun, personal, and our clients really trusted our vision. The finished product was a home we all wanted to move into for a Stagg Design slumber party in the bunk room of my dreams!

At Stagg Reno, we completed the Garden Church, which was a sanctuary during the spring and summer. Nurturing our garden became a part of our everyday and was sacred time spent with our girls. We share the plans to make the enclosed garden free on our Stagg Design Guides! Just opt in with your email and it goes straight to your inbox.

Back to client projects, we completed Project River Walk, a beautiful home for a growing family. I love the high contrast feel of this house and the mixture of materials. It feels so warm and inviting, which was at the top of our clients’ wish list.

These are just our completed projects. We have some exciting things in the works for the year ahead. When I look back, I’m filled with such pride. It’s just so rewarding to create homes that people love spending their most sacred moments in.

Our design calendar for 2021 is starting to fill up! If you’d like to work with us, we want to hear about your project! Contact us to get the conversation started.

Cheers to 2021!

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