The Home Behind the Infamous Instagram Haircut ft. Abi Ayres

July 15, 2020

Would you ever be able to rent your home to complete strangers while you’re still living there? And then keep doing it with different groups of strangers? That’s just one of the things about Abi Ayres that is so interesting. You may know her as the woman who got a really bad haircut on Instagram, but when you dig deep, she is so much more than that one viral moment. Abi is our guest on this episode of Heart of the Home Podcast. She and Jen are discussing home, family, and how she believes we should all get to know ourselves.

Show Notes

Abi is truly one of our favorite people to follow on social media. She shares real-life struggles in an honest and hilarious way that has us laughing more often than not. But she’s also not afraid to share the raw, personal stuff that makes us all human.

Abi and her husband Ammon are parents to three adorable little ones. They have recently embarked on a journey Abi refers to as “Homesteading Like a Gangster”. Their family is growing all sorts of vegetables in the backyard, learning to can and preserve that produce, baking sourdough bread, brewing homemade kombucha, and even raising chickens!

Their current home is the third flip Abi and Ammon have gutted and remodeled themselves. The first one was a house in Michigan that Abi says was full of some pretty disgusting stuff. (We’ll spare you the visuals of the worst, but just know rat traps with decaying rats, and peanut butter that expired in the ’70s are on the list.)

They finished this first project in the middle of the Great Recession, while living thousands of miles away from family. We say that’s the definition of a DIY warrior! But the results were worth it. Check out these after images.

After moving back to Utah, the Ayres family repeated the process with two more homes. The first time in West Valley City.

Where the results were just as impressive as you’d expect.

And a third time in Millcreek. I mean, check out that wood paneling!

We will never get sick of a good before-and-after. Abi’s Millcreek home is the perfect example of a satisfying transformation.

You can connect with Abi Ayres on Instagram @abiayres or by visiting her website.

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  1. Christina says:

    Great job these look so nice…

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