Project Olympus Modern Guest/Craft Room Reveal

October 13, 2021

Rarely does a home have separate space for every single thing you need in every occasion. More often, we are prioritizing needs and creating multi-use rooms. That was the case with the Guest and Craft Room at #ProjectOlympusModern and it took some getting creative and thinking outside the box to get to an amazing finished product!

This room serves as a crafting room for our clients’ young daughters, who can be quite adventurous with the art supplies. It also doubles as a guest suite for out-of-town house guests.

A Murphy Bed pulls down from the wall, and the craft table wheels away on castors to create a desk. Move the chair location and BAM! Guest suite!

It’s not a large room, so we needed to think about pieces that could easily move around, be packed away or pulled out when needed, and fit with two totally different purposes. I’m so happy with how it came together.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to stay in this cozy suite?? It feels so fresh, comfortable, and practical all crammed into one space! Here’s a closer look at how we achieved this look.

Shop the Space

  1. Milo Alpaca Throw
  2. Morbylanga Table
  3. Round Cement Boxes
  4. Faux Potted Jade Plant
  5. Bentwood Round Mirror
  6. Slate Grey Velvet Pillow
  7. Ochre Throw Blanket
  8. Kista Rug
  9. Emmett Sling Chair
  10. Chase Plaid Pillow – Graphite
  11. Potted Fern
  12. Sienna Stoneware Vase
  13. Marble Coasters
  14. Victoria Black Vase
  15. Lucius Dining Chair
  16. Studio Floor Lamp
  17. Oria Vase

Be sure to check out the rest of Project Olympus Modern! You can see the Basement Family Room, Playroom, and we have several other space reveals coming up soon!

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