Inspiration: Dog-Friendly Design Solutions

April 10, 2023

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen our family’s news that we are getting a new member shortly after we move in. We’ve been discussing getting a dog for years, and we felt like after we moved into our new home and got settled would be the right time. It’s now happening a bit sooner than we anticipated, just a couple weeks after move in! We’ve been designing the home with a dog in mind, but now our timeline for the dog has been moved up and I’m feeling pressure to make fido-friendly decisions fast.

I’ve had different dog areas in my head for awhile, and today I’m sharing some of the inspiration on my pet wishlist.

Food and Water Station

Ok, I know this isn’t a necessity, but how amazing are these custom pet food and water stations? A built-in cabinet space and a pot filler with a drawer for food and our puppy will have his own food station. Right now I’m thinking this area will be in our mudroom, a spot we aren’t finishing right away. In the short term, I’ll set up a food and water bowl in our laundry room but I’m planning on a permanent spot down the road and already had the plumbers plumb for it. Here are some of the inspiration images I’m loving for this area.

Dog Wash

With a yard not yet landscaped and a huge snow year in Utah, our yard it going to be a muddy mess for quite some time. Who am I kidding? All of Utah is going to be a big muddy mess this spring and likely summer. As such, a dog wash is a must. This spot was planned for the addition hallway next to a laundry area, and it’s now bumped way up in priority. We are planning to finish the dog wash asap, and are finishing up the design plans now. I’ll share the layout and design details soon– stay tuned! Here are some of the images inspiring this space though ours will definitely be more modern.

Credit Unknown

Built In Crate

Every pet owner I talk to who has a built-in crate is a big fan. They are tucked away, give the dog its own space, and can be designed to match the rest of a room, rather than having a big, intrusive crate somewhere else in your home. I’m not totally sure where this is going to go quite yet. Some ideas would be the mudroom next to the food and water station, or in the lower level laundry room where there’s a perfect niche and possibly access to a future dog door. The latter is a kind of crazy idea I had to give the dog outdoor access to a small fenced area, but I’m not exactly sure how it would come together, or how quickly. In the short term, we’ll use a freestanding crate but these beautiful built-in crates have my wheels turning.

The dog, along with our upcoming move, are consuming a lot of headspace right now! We’ve rounded up some of the prettiest dog products around!

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Ok dog owners, what did I miss? Give me all your tips, tricks, essentials, and advice. I grew up with a dog, but Jon did not and dog ownership is new to our 20 year marriage. I can’t wait for this pup to join our family!

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