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September 18, 2021

One space that is often overlooked is mudrooms! Mudrooms have been around for quick some time and have always been used for the purpose of housing muddy shoes and outdoor wear to prevent dirt from being carried into the rest of the home. These days we are seeing more and more uses for mudrooms and wanted to share a few ways to get more out of your mudroom space! If you don’t have one already, we always recommended making room for a mudroom when renovating or building, and here’s why.

They give you a designated space for outerwear. Think big coats, boots, outdoor shoes, etc. These are items you don’t want floating around in your entryway or traipsing through the rest of the house. Mudrooms are also a great place to sneak in some extra storage space. Having built-in shelving, lockers, or cubbies is a smart way to get more storage out of your mudroom. You can use built-ins to hide outdoor wear items and keep them contained in a single space. Hooks are also a great addition to keep coats, jackets, and bags off of the floor if you don’t have lockers.

Use storage baskets or bins where you can to help to keep the mudroom tidy and organized with little ones running around. If you have a designated spot for your kid’s coats, shoes, and backpacks they are more likely to place them there after a long day at school, and it will cut down on those frantic early mornings of trying to find everything when getting ready for school.

Another way to utilize a mudroom space is to make it multipurpose by combining it with the laundry. While this may not work for every home design, it can be really useful in the right space! This typically works best for stackable washers and dryers and can be designed to be discrete by being hidden behind cabinetry! If you go through a lot of laundry in your house, this may be the perfect spot for a second washer and dryer.

From a design perspective, mudrooms can be the perfect place to try a fun tile or paint color. We love the mudroom in Project Valley Views because of the unique black and white tile that fills the room. Mudrooms can be just as beautiful as they are functional and make life with kids so much easier. They are one of the most versatile and customizable rooms in your home and can be designed to cater to your family’s specific needs!

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