#Staggreno Backyard Plans

July 7, 2017

When we laid out what was possible financially and in what timeline with the #staggreno, we knew we would be leaving the backyard out for awhile.  The yard was overgrown and in bad shape to begin with, but after having to rip up the sprinkler system and dig down to add our two additions off the of the kitchen and the master bedroom, the yard has been in disarray ever since.   Well this year we said no more!  It’s time to take our backyard back, so to speak.  Give our girls a place to frolic and play in the sunshine.  Here are our backyard plans.

The front yard and curb appeal took priority last summer, so it was sooooo time for us to make our backyard awesome.

Let’s take a look back to what it looked like when we purchased the house.  This video gives you a great tour of the area so you can get a lay of the land.

Video/Editing: James Young

It has a lot of potential to be something great, but it was going to take a lot of work to get there and boy, do we have some big ideas.

Here’s a wishlist for our backyard:

  1. expanded side patio off the great room, with a new outdoor kitchen and string lighting.
  2. out with the old (and sad looking) rock retaining wall, and in with a new, modern, concrete retaining wall.
  3. pergola and expanded cement patio off of the master bedroom.
  4. playhouse for the girls.
  5. in-ground trampoline.
  6. vegetable garden.
  7. modern shed.
  8. new fence.
  9. new sprinkler system.
  10. new grass and landscaping.
  11. splash pad (really!  a splash pad!).

I mean, my girls are so excited, as are we.  Here are some of my inspiration photos that we’ve been working from:

I mean, kid heaven!

Love this clean and modern outdoor kitchen as inspiration for ours.

This pergola and the privacy wall are speaking to me.

Oh how the girls are DYING for a place to play outdoors!  I have some fun ideas for a modern playhouse, but I love this one for inspiration.

We certainly had, and have, our work cut out for us.  We knew we needed to get an early start in order to make a lot of progress this summer.  And we did!  A major and very exciting photoshoot on the side patio gave us a major kick in the shorts to get a head start, and in early spring we got things cookie.  We hired a contractor to help us with the retaining wall and leveling the yard.  We thought we were ahead of the game and in good shape.  And then it all fell apart.  Like in a huge, heartbreaking, epic way.  How’s that for a cliffhanger.  Stay tuned, my friends.  Much more on this story to come.  And a warning for all of you for some ways to avoid the same fate.

Until then…. I’ll be dreaming of all it could be!

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  1. Holly Smith says:

    It’s going to be beautiful! I love all of your ideas. I’m sorry that you have hit some road blocks. Hoping that it all comes together for you!

  2. Guerrina says:

    Splash pad, yes!!!! Love all the inspiration pics!

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