July 9, 2017

5 things you need right now

It’s that time of the week- 5 Things You Need Right Now – and this week’s round up includes something for your eyes and something for your sweet tooth, among other picks.  So let’s get started!

  1.  TRU Lashes.  Let’s talk lashes, ladies.  I love me some long, luscious lashes.  Who doesn’t?  I hate mascara.  I’ve tried out lash extensions and while I love the look of them, I ain’t got the time in my life right now for the upkeep.  So, I basically alternate between mascara and false lashes.  Particularly whenever I work on camera, false lashes make a big difference.  A colleague of mine, Allison Croghan, told me about these lashes and they are awesome.  And they were designed by a small business owner, which makes me feel good about supporting a fellow entrepreneur.  They’re called TRU Lashes.  I have used the Athena style on air before, but the other styles look really pretty too.  And they’re a really great price.

2.  Stance Super Invisible Socks.  I got a pair of these socks in a swag bag recently and I’ve gotta tell ya, I LOVE them.  They are sock, sleek, and don’t bunch.  They’re perfect for booties or shoes you don’t want to show socks, and also work great with sneakers at the gym.  I love this color way as well.

3.  Ice Cream Spade.  A while ago we had some ice cream after a dinner gathering at a friend’s house and they served up our ice cream sundae using one of these babies.  Kind of the most amazing ice cream scoop ever.  It gets in those corners of the carton that a regular scoop can’t.  Get one.  You’ll thank me.

4.  Gold Flatware Set.  I get asked about this all the time– my set of gold flatware.  It’s been one of the best purchases I’ve made as far as entertaining pieces.  And my set is so amazingly priced.  And it’s dishwasher safe.  And it’s on sale.  And it’s back in stock- finally!  Seriously, go get it while it lasts because it will definitely sell out again.

5.  Headphone/Cord Wrap.  I got Jon a couple of these for Father’s day as a small little something and the OCD organizational freak he loves them.  Such a smart product.  They keep your headphones or other chargers and cords from getting all tangled, and have a little pad to clean screens.  A bunch of different colors to choose from.  And cheap.

Have a wonderful week!  And stay cool out there.  It’s been ridiculously hot here in Utah.

  1. Carolyn

    July 10th, 2017 at 8:11 am

    I love the headphone cord wrap. I’m not sure if I need one though. My son definitely does!

  2. Jen

    July 20th, 2017 at 10:56 pm

    they are awesome!

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