October 18, 2013

If you’re anything like me, getting a little “me” time typically consists of a quick run, a very quick shower, and sleeping.  Yes, it’s that pathetic some days.  That’s why when Paul Mitchell The School asked me to review their services, it took me about .5 seconds to say yes at the thought of a few hours completely uninterrupted getting pampered.

 photo paulmitchellreview1_zpsfafcdd6b.jpg

That said, I didn’t really know what to expect.  I was a bit nervous about going to a school for a treatment.  Would I be sitting in the middle of a classroom surrounded by students taking notes?  That didn’t sound relaxing in the least.  I signed up for a facial and headed to the location in Salt Lake City.

 photo paulmitchell2_zps27e9d037.jpg

From the moment I entered the school, I was impressed.  It felt more like a bustling salon than a school.  A student greeted me personally, and took me back to the esthetics area.  There, I changed into a robe and comfy slippers, and entered a dimly lit room with glowing candles and fresh flowers.  It was dreamy.

 photo paulmitchell3_zps83a1825a.jpg

 photo paulmitchell4_zps5252f7d8.jpg

I was the only client in the room.  It was client and calm (with the exception of the occasional student walking through to the next room).  The sweet girl performing my facial was close to graduating, so she was one of the more experienced students.  She walked me through the process, and then we got started.  You guys, I can’t even describe what a piece of heaven this was.  It was one of the best facials I have ever had.  It was so relaxing I actually fell asleep for a minute.  And I can’t say for sure that I didn’t snore/talk in my sleep.  There was massaging.  And scrubbing.  And toning.  And cleansing.  And more massaging.  It smelled as amazing as it felt and I didn’t want it to end.

Sadly, it did eventually end (though it was longer than I was expecting– love that!), and I left feeling rejuvenated and so relaxed.  The next week my skin was glowing– a sure sign of a great treatment.  It wasn’t until the treatment was over that I realized there was an instructor in the room supervising.  She didn’t make a single peep the entire time.

I would absolutely go back for another treatment.  The price points are budget friendly, and it was simply delightful!  In fact, I think it would be such a fun girl’s day/night to all go get a treatment together.  A spa day on the cheap!

Here is a list of services they offer (I believe I had the Deluxe Four Layer Facial under the Repechage section).

Thanks for the lovely afternoon, Paul Mitchell The School!  Hoping I can go visit again soon!

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*This post is sponsored by Paul Mitchell The School. Thank you for supporting our sponsors!  xx

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  1. Fashion Snag says:

    Loved reading this!

  2. Susana says:

    This place sucks. I went to get my hair cut and dyed brown. I left the salon looking like sunshine.. You can spot me from a mile away my hair was so orange. The student who was also about to graduate and who was sisters with one of the trainers insisted on bleaching my hair despite the fact that my hair was already brown. She ended up leaving the bleach on my head and walked away.. completely forgetting about me til an hour later.. I didnt know any better since it was my first time getting my hair bleached.. so I assumed despite the fact the eyes were tearing from the burning sensation on my scalp she and her sister knew what they were doing. I was in shock and I couldnt believe it when i left their salon. I am a non confrontational person so i wanted to process this before i said anything. I called the next day and the sisters said it was my hair that bleached too quickly but they did their job. NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN

    • Jen says:

      Oh I’m sorry you had a bad experience! I can’t speak to a hair treatment as I’ve never had one done there, but I love the skin care. Best of luck!

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