March 21, 2013

Twins have a special bond, no doubt.  But in this family, three really is the lucky number.  Meet these gorgeous sisters: Emily and Lindsey, both 24, and their little sister, Kelsey, 19.

Emily submitted their story and says celebrating each other’s talents and strengths keeps them close.

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1) What is the best part about having a sister?
In terms of sisterhood, I really believe that the female bond is so different and so important in a girl’s life. We grew up with just the three of us– No brothers. So, in a way, we had to be there more for each other. The best part of having a sister is knowing you have a girlfriend for life. Through ups and downs, that emotional connection is always going to be there.  Having a twin sister is something truly unique. Lindsey and I were blessed to be able to have a constant companion throughout the years. While trials did occur, and finding individuality was key, the benefits were endless. Who wouldn’t want to go through all of life’s experiences with their best friend?
2) What is the worst part?
I sense that this answer will be a common one in the girl world. For me, the hardest times with my sisters (especially with my twin sister) was the sharing of clothes. The only thing we ever fought about was clothes. We always tried to compromise, or come up with some kind of system that would leave all of us happy. No plan or agreement would ever work. I guess it’s just a vicious cycle 😉
3) Qualities you most love about your sisters?
The thing I love most about Lindsey is the “peacemaker” role she plays in our family. She doesn’t like contention. If I’m ever being too unreasonable, she will let me know, but in a loving way. She’s one person you feel like you never want to disappoint because she’s so compassionate.
Kelsey makes me laugh like no one else can. She has a dry sense of humor, so when she does say something to be funny, it is the most hilarious thing you’ll hear for a long time. She doesn’t take things too seriously– She’s really relaxed, and I appreciate that about her.
4) Is there ever any sister drama?
Now that I’m married and have moved out of my parent’s home, the drama has lessened (for me, at least). There was never too much drama. The three of us are generally very laid-back. But we all know that drama exists between sisters, and the majority of us know that it usually stems from the “borrowing” of clothes. Kelsey and I also tend to be competitive. So if there’s ever any type of game or “pressure situation” event going on, sometimes the claws may come out. Luckily for us, we forget fast, and unnecessary feelings fade fast.

5) Tell me a cherished memory of your sisters.

When I was about 10 years-old, my family moved in with my grandparents for a few months while our house was getting remodeled. The basement apartment was anything but spacious. The three of us girls had to share a tiny little room. Lindsey and I slept in a double bed, while Kelsey’s twin bed smashed up right next to ours. Despite the lack of privacy and breathing room, I’m grateful for those nights that we laughed and talked each other to sleep. My sweet baby sister was about 6 years-old at the time. I recall a night where she reached over and held my hand as she nodded off. I remember thinking how uncharacteristic this was, but it was much welcomed. It made me love her that much more.

6) Hilarious quality about them.
Kelsey definitely has some “dumb blonde” moments. Sometimes we’ll start a conversation with her, thinking she’s paying full attention, and then she gets a confused look on her face and says, “Wait, what?” Too often, she has her sweatpants on backwards. She’s just a trip.

Lindsey has, hands down, the best memory of anyone I know. She can recite, alphabetically, the names of all the kids in our first grade class. If you want to book a trip to Disneyland, Lindsey’s your girl. She has memorized the advertised Disney phone number. She remembers every outfit she ever wore on special occasions. I can always call her if I ever have a hard time remembering something. Boom– she always has the answer.

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7) A personal message for your sisters…
I feel so beyond lucky to have you both in my life. Yes, we all wanted a brother or two (even though Dad thinks I’m the boy in the family?), but who needs a brother when you have the protection and love of your sisters?

I love you both– More than I ever show, and more than I can ever express. We’re a perfect team, despite our differences. You two keep me in line. You’re the greatest friends I could have ever asked for. Love you a google isle! Habagada!


Thanks for your submission, Emily!  So much of their story reminded me of my sister.  I’m loving these, and hope you are too!  Another installment up tomorrow!


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  1. Vanessa says:

    Wow, you can feel the love between the sisters just by reading the text.
    I was so touched by the words it even gave me goosebumps!!!!
    And each more beautiful than the other!!!
    xx, Vanessa


  2. Robert says:

    Wow, what beautiful sisters! They remind me of baby spice, sporty spice, and Mulan.

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