March 21, 2013

Oh how I love springtime–the days are longer and warmer, the world begins to thaw and the drab, brown of winter blooms into the living green of summer.  It is a perfect time to find a professional photographer to capture family portraits.  Nothing communicates the beauty and rebirth of spring like an orchard in bloom. If you are considering getting your pictures taken this spring, I recommend that you pick an orchard as the location for your photo shoot.

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As a photographer, spring orchard photos are my favorite.  The ordered rows of trees create symmetrical lines, the trees provide a soft filtered light, and the blooms provide a fresh pop of color. These elements combine to give spring orchard photos a dreamy and ethereal feel.  The only downside to spring orchards is that the timing of the blooms can be difficult to predict. Find a photographer who has experience with orchard photos and a good idea as to when the orchards will look the best. Frequently drive by a local orchard to monitor the blooms.

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Make sure to take advantage of the “look” of spring by wearing soft colors, classic clothing pieces, and coordinated (but not match-mathcy) colors. Make your clothing choices comfortable, and age appropriate.  This will allow you to have a portrait that will really capture the feeling of spring and bring that feeling into your home all year.

 photo fashionphototip2_zpsca351659.jpg

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BABY BOYS: shirtshortshattoysandals
BABY GIRLS: Dress (also similar here), sandalstoyhat
In my professional opinion, babies should be photographed in clothes that make them look like babies, not small adults. Shoes can be cute, but fat baby feet and bitty toes are much better.  A comfy blanket or a soft and simple toy can add to the photo without being distracting and can make your little babe happier and more cooperative.

 photo fashionphototip4_zpsa74ee80e.jpg

 photo fashionphototip3_zpsac021c00.jpg

GIRLS: ShirtCardiganSkirtShoes
Dressing older kids can be tricky.  Make sure to keep it comfortable, light, and airy. Not only will this make your child more relaxed, it will create a light and airy feel that will accentuate the beauty of the orchard. Bring some sunglasses for your tween and let them wear them in a few shots.
If you’re looking to book spring photos, I am now scheduling clients for a limited number of sessions.  I’m also available for travel.  You can contact me here if interested.
Spring is such a beautiful time of year– don’t miss the opportunity to capture your family!

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  1. Sabrina says:

    lovely 🙂 really pretty pictures _=


  2. Chelsea says:

    Love this! The setting is so gorgeous, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for a local orchard this Spring.

    Chelsea & The City
    Be sure to check out my Stella & Dot trunk show + giveaway!

  3. lauren says:

    veronica you are so talented. well done. if only I could send out a Happy Easter card in addition to my annual Valentines’ photo card. 🙂

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