March 22, 2013

 The youngest of these three gorgeous sisters submitted their story.  The support they give each other extends across the country.   Meet Lea, 24, Rae, 30, and Tai, 31.

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Lea lives in Provo, Utah with her husband.  Tai lives in Saratoga Springs with her husband and three little girls, and Rae lives in New Jersey, where the sisters are from, with her husband and two children.
Distance hasn’t damaged their relationship.  These stunners celebrate each other’s talents and personalities.
1) What is the best part about having a sister? 
The best part about having sisters is the blessing of a constant support group. I can count on my sisters for advice on something as small as picking out an outfit for date night with my husband or something as important as starting my family. They are always there to help me.
2) What is the worst part?
The worst part is that we all have strong personalities and there are times when we don’t agree. But hey…a little friendly banter makes life more interesting, right?
3) Qualities you love most about your sisters?
Tai: I love her compassionate spirit. She is the person that you go to when you are having a rough day and just want to vent. She always provides a shoulder to lean on or to cry on. Tai is the type of sister and friend that you can chat with forever about absolutely anything.
Rae: Rae is the logical one. She will give you straight forward,  no non-sense advice and sometimes I really need that. Rae is also very driven and self disciplined. She has been able to accomplish so much because of that. As logical and disciplined as she might be she is absolutely hilarious! When we get together it is non-stop giggles. I always wish she lived closer.
4) Is there ever any sister drama?
Now that we are all adults there is basically no drama at all, but I can recall growing up when they would get annoyed that their pesky little sister was eavesdropping or following them around or getting into their things.
5) Tell me a cherished memory of your sisters.
One of my most cherished memories was having my sisters with me on my wedding day. They were so attentive to all of my needs. I could feel how very happy they were for me and Nic. Having them share in the most important day of  my life will forever be imprinted on my heart.

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6) Hilarious quality about them.
Tai: Tai can be extremely dramatic; Rae and I find this hilarious. All of her stories are so elaborate and detailed that you can’t help but laugh with her (or sometimes at her…but in a loving way of course)
Rae: Rae is always doing ridiculous things. From making crazy facial expressions to talking in silly voices. She is a total crack up. Rae can also remember every lyric to every song ever written. A conversation with Rae always sparks a song that she remembers and will sing on queue.
7) A personal message for your sisters…
Tai and Rae, you have always been the people that I wanted to be the most like. You’ve been an incredible example to me my whole life and I have to thank both of you for helping me grow into the woman that I am today. I feel so very blessed to have you both in my life. I think God just knew that I needed two immediate best friends and that is why He blessed me with sisters. I love you girls!

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Loved them!  You can read more from Lea on here blog here.

The sister submissions continue throughout the weekend– check back!

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  1. Karen says:

    Love this trio! I have three sisters and we have definitely grown even closer over the years. Great series!


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