March 27, 2013

I just couldn’t pass up this sister submission. First, they’re gorgeous. Second, they’re incredibly successful. (Don’t you love when beauty and brains go together?) And finally, their names are just so darn unique! I’ve really never read anything like them. Get ready for a mouthful: Meet Kimber Rainbow Tillemann-Dick Cook, Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick, Liberty Tillemann-Dick, Mercina Tillemann-Dick, and Glorianna Willow Tillemann-Dick.

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These lovely ladies submitted their story together, and so, instead of writing their story from one sister’s perspective, I’ll write it as one. Thanks for sharing, gals!

Between these five, we have a former global media relations representative/now stay at home mom, an opera singer, a researcher at an Insight firm (which she describes as a consulting firm. I’ll trust her), and two Yale juniors, both studying topics far beyond my intelligence level (hello communications!).

Enjoy their delightful/hilarious/entertaining interview. I finished it feeling not only their love for one another, but also a little bit smarter:)

When it comes to narrowing down the best part about having sisters, the Tillemann-Dick sisters say they have built in girlfriends and life-long friends.

“In life, there is no group you will meet who will have shared as many common experiences with you as your siblings,” Liberty wrote. “My sisters have been there to share in my joys, comfort me when I’m down, and find my way when I am lost. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

“My sisters are like swiss-army knifes — except with fewer corkscrews and more wisdom (though both always have a pair of tweezers handy whenever I need them),” Glorianna added. “They’re my editors, my psychological counselors, my matchmakers, my stylists, my hair-dressers — I don’t think I’ve never had a problem to which my sisters don’t have a solution.”

The worst part? Three live on the same street, while two others are away. Their goal– get back together, spouses and all.

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When it comes to choosing the qualities they love most about each other, it’s a long list…

“Charity is fearless,” Kimber said. “I mean, really, truly, authentically not afraid of anything. Whether she’s staring death in the face or entrancing an audience of thousands, she remains unflappable and radiates joy. Also, I really love when strangers hear her sing in unexpected places: a pedestrian square in Vienna, a karaoke bar in Virginia — folks don’t know what hit them, and it’s kind of awesome.”

“Mercina is so put together I wonder how we are related,” Charity wrote. “Her drive is a wonder to behold. She is funny, sharp as a tack and I know whatever path she takes she will be a great success. At a deep level, she cares about what’s really important and when you need her, she doesn’t ask questions — she’s there putting her amazing skills to work.”

Kimber is the most compassionate yet rational person I know,” Liberty said. “I know she’ll always offer extremely sage/sound advice.”

“Glorianna definitely marches to the beat of her own drum,” Mercina wrote. “She’s an intellectual’s intellectual – and very comfortable in her own skin, which I envy. Her creativity is totally mind-blowing and she consistently does the ‘hip’ thing long before it’s recognized as ‘hip.’ She’s also the funniest person I know. “

“Liberty is the kind of person who I would really want to be friends with, but would be way too nervous to meet because she’s definitely too cool for me,” Glorianna wrote. “She cooks superbly, has great taste in websites, reads new fiction, and is always on an adventure. Luckily for me, we got pretty well acquainted early on (and she really is as cool as she seems to be).”

Their solution to drama? A Jane Austen movie and a pint of ice cream. And of course, making memories together, even in their darkest moments.

“The day after our father’s funeral we all dressed up in saris,” Liberty said. “It was such a painful time, and this silly game of dress-up provided a welcome distraction and a chance to breathe. Fast-forward four years, and my sisters and I were once again playing dress-up in saris, this time for my marriage to the most spectacular man I’ve ever known. We’re a bunch of “Mo-Jews” (raised Mormon, but of Jewish decent) from Colorado, so saris weren’t an obvious choice of attire in either instance. Yet somehow being with my sisters makes everything right. No matter where we are, be it a hospital room, a concert hall, a park bench or a Hindu temple, they bring their special brand of joy and support that makes the best of times and the worst of times just a little bit better.”

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They embrace their “weirdness” and the hilarity that is sisterhood.

“When we’re together, we spend a remarkable amount of time speaking in accents,” Mercina said. “I think it started because one set of our grandparents are Hungarian – and have very thick accents. It’s definitely weird, but we think it’s funny.”

There’s a lot of mutual reinforcement of collective eccentricities,” Kimber added. “For example, you know how in old musicals, people in normal situations randomly burst into song and dance and everyone around them magically knows the words and choreography, so they join in, too? That actually happens all the time….”

And a little personal message for each other…

(K) Oh, they already know. 🙂

(C) Thank you for being my best friends!

(L) Gosh. Ladies, u da tops.

(M) You guys are my favorites.

(G) Meet me at the dock at midnight. Bring chickens.

Thank you for sharing your story! I feel like I want to meet at the dock and bring chickens!

You can read more about them on their blog here.

Another installment mañana…

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  1. Janice says:

    I love this feature. I also think these sisters are amazing.

  2. Alex says:

    These girls are amazing! I want to meet them at the dock, too!

  3. NR says:

    This is a fantastic feature. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kimber says:

    Thanks for the lovely write up! And how fitting that it was published on our incredible mother’s birthday. If any of the nice things you said are true, she gets the credit!

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