March 29, 2013

There is just something about a cuddle with your sister.  When Mary Claire, 22, and Madeline, 20, were little, they shared a bed and would cuddle and Mary Claire would sing to Madeline until they fell asleep.  But don’t put a cockroach anywhere near this pair– they have deep seeded anxiety stemming from a sister story…

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Both of these beauties are college students in Provo, Utah.  Even though Mary Claire is now married, they remain the very best of friends.

“When it feels like everyone else in the world is crazy and all your friends suck, your sister will understand,” Mar Claire wrote.  “She is your only girlfriend who gets you completely & is selfless with you.”

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If it were up to them, they would have shared a room forever (though Mary Claire’s husband might not be okay with that).  Madeline remains her confidant, friend, and one of the only people who “gets” her.

“She is the kindest person I know,” MC said.  “My sister loves everyone & is completely without malice.  She makes everyone laugh & is everyone’s best friend. It doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely gorgeous inside & out.”

They share a common fear:  cockroaches.

“It all started with a traumatic experience when we were little girls.  We were taking a shower together & spotted a cockroach on the wall near the showerhead.  We huddled in the corner of the shower screaming until our faces were purple for someone to save us.  Ever since then my sis & I frequently burst into tears whenever we see a cockroach. One time Madi tried to run away from one & she accidentally stepped on it.  I could not stop laughing so my mom decided to punish me by making me clean it up with a paper towel.  Let’s just say I sat there for about 30 minutes before managing to complete the task.”

 photo MC3_zps3548a734.jpg

Mary Claire has a message for her sister…

“Madeleine, you are my best friend & I can’t imagine what my life would be like if you weren’t in it.  Ever since I can remember you were the fun one, the sweet one & I needed you to brighten my mood & make me a better person.  Now that we are grown up I am constantly amazed by how you are able to remain so kindhearted & loving while being this knockout blonde that every boy falls in love with.  I love and admire you so much & am so grateful to be your sissy.”

What a sweet bond.  You can read more from Mary Claire here.

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