RUBY’S BABY DOLL CRADLE (+ winner announced)

April 23, 2014

Ruby’s birthday present from us was a baby doll.  I wanted to get her a doll bed of some kind to go along with it but have you looked into the doll furniture industry as of late?  Holy moly.  American Girl has got quite the business model.  I couldn’t really justify spending a lot on a doll and a bed, so I decided to see what I could find second hand.

Thrift stores had nothing.  I tried a few antique and consignment stores and found one decent option, but it was really really old and I worried about lead paint. Then I spotted this beauty on KSL Classifieds.  $10.  Sold!


It was a little worn on the bottom of the rockers and had a few minor scuffs but was in excellent condition.



I drove 30 minutes North to the seller’s house while Ruby was snoozing in the car and it was totally worth it.  What a steal.

I took the cradle to the paint store and they matched the color perfectly.  I know the salesman well and he used a discontinued can for me and gave it to me half price.  So kind and it saved me from spending a lot on paint for such a small project.


I used a small brush to touch up the areas that needed it, and it looked good as new.

I had a couple of yards of cute pink and white fabric I bought last year.  I was holding on to it because it matched the colors in Ruby’s bedroom so well.  I thought it would be perfect for some doll bedding.  I found a remnant of some white linen at the fabric store for $5 and asked my seamstress to whip up a cradle pad, blanket, and pillow.  It turned out so cute.  And watching Ruby rock her “beebee”?  Quadruple the cuteness.


IMG_2707 IMG_2704 IMG_2697

I think wooden furniture is such a great thing to look for and refinish or touch up second hand.  It’s timeless and this little cradle will get played with for many years to come.

Now, on to the (randomly selected) winner of the Paisley Palooza giveaway!  Congrats to:

Dierdre who said: We have a joint birthday brunch for my 2 kids in a few weeks, so the amazingness that you are offering would be used during the bash. Thanks for the chance to win

Email me at jen {@} withheart.com to claim your prize!  And thank you to all who entered!  I’ve got another amazing giveaway coming up this Friday!  It’s one not to be missed.

And tomorrow I’m so excited to finally be sharing our deck makeover reveal!!!  Hoorah!  I can’t wait!

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